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Posted by Tim Ireland at September 12, 2005

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What struck me most about the announcement that Mike Brown was to be sacked recalled to Washington?

Was it the startling revelation that “the weather continues to operate”…? No.

Was it that Mike Brown was being called back to headquarters just in case something really serious happened? No.

Was it the bold inclusion of the disaster-so-big-that-nobody-anticipated obfuscation? No.

Was it the assurance that Mike “Horse’s Ass” Brown had done his very very best in the face of it all? No.

Was it Michael Chertoff telling reporters that he could only dodge take a few questions because he had vital rescue work to get on with?

Again, no.

What struck me most about this announcement was the timing.

Despite all the talk of the need for immediate action, the Bush administration waited until late Friday afternoon to put someone competent in charge of Hurricane Katrina relief duties:

The Friday-Night Presidency

How the White House uses Stealth tactics (on Fridays) in U.S.

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(PS – For those who missed it, here’s Yorkshire Ranter with details of another independent report of Bush trucking into Biloxi with a relief effort that existed purely for the cameras.)

Guardian – Bush summons spirit of 9/11 to help repair his hurricane-damaged ratings
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