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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
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There’s a Call To Arms, people… get on with it!

Oh, the following needs to be noted for the record:

1. Last night’s tracking shows yet more visitors to Bloggerheads from News International (IP address, notching up another 20 page loads. Hello Rebekah!

2. The Sun have stated that all profits (not proceeds… profits) from their phoneline will be donated ‘to a fund helping victims of 7/7’… but they could have raised much more money merely by giving their readers another number to call if they didn’t agree with the proposed 90-day law. Just goes to show how much they care….

3. Speaking of which, you might be interested in the views of someone who was on the bombed train at Kings Cross: And by the way, calling me a ‘pathetic liberal‘, Mr Home Secretary, is despicable bullying. Terrorists seek to destabilise liberal societies, I am proud to live in one and I will do what I can to protect it…

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