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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
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4:38pm – Heh. The Speaker made a funny. MPs are now voting. Back in 12-15 minutes. Blow-by-blow here if you’re bored.

4:48pm – Still waiting, but I’ve been meaning to blog this; I suspect that – as with Division 118 during the last election – how MPs vote here is going to be a candidate litmus test for a lot of people at the next election. This applies especially to emergency arm-twisters like Gordon Brown. As you make your bed…

4:56pm – 322 against… that’s a no… a BIG no! Blair defeated 322 votes to 291. 31 vote margin! 31 votes! Democracy rules!

4:58pm – I am now playing God Gave Rock & Roll To You at full blast. Go Commons, go Commons!!!!!

5:04pm – MPs will now vote for 28 days detention. A prediction: If this passes, the Blair Faithful will try to present this as Teh Big Win (hey, it *is* double). But Blair put his entire weight (and Gordon’s) behind 90 days … and it wasn’t enough. Blair’s finished. His survival prior to this relied heavily on a perception of invulnerability. No more. We have taken an important step toward a sensible and responsible approach to terrorism.

5:15pm – 28 days passes with 323 for and 290 against. I’m off down the pub before Hazel Blears shoves her face in front of a camera. See you in the morning. Late-ish.

UPDATE – I’ve left my pint behind to come back to base camp and say the following:

1. With the exception of two social events, from tomorrow I am officially on the wagon again for another 30 days (coincidentally, this adds up to 28 days). It’s not a tax-strike this time, but instead a special treat for my liver.

2. I have a message for Rebekah Wade: Sweetums, you’re probably going to go out for a few drinks tonight. Try not to lose your temper, there’s a dear.

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