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Independent – Points for correct behaviour on your ID card?: Tony Collins of Computer Weekly referred to the seminar at which it was decided to devise an NHS card to put all British patient records online… the records of that seminar are non-obtainable under the Freedom of Information Act. Mr Collins also told us how he’d been called in by one of the departments (he wouldn’t say which) and asked to stop writing articles about them. Not because the stories were false, but because they were “affecting public confidence”… Here’s a truly ‘Brave New World’ suggestion from the consultant Richard Tyndall: “citizens are rewarded with points when they display behaviours in line with public policy objectives, such as choosing healthy eating options in a school canteen, or exercising at the local leisure centre, or taking adult educations courses…”

6079 Smith W.! Yes, you! Bend lower, please! And present your Nectar card!


Meanwhile, Nosemonkey has more on ID via EU…

Europhobia – The database state is one step closer

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