Go, Leo, go!

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Friday, November 25th, 2005
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Go to MSN Search today and search for ‘leo blair’…


[NOTE – In Google, The World According To Leo Blair is currently 11th for this same search query. Yahoo has yet to respond.]

UPDATE – Woo! The World According To Leo Blair made the B3ta newsletter (which also features this magnificent – if NSFW – Bush/Blair swear-off).

UPDATE (26 Nov) – Video is 8th in Google for ‘leo blair’ this morning. In Yahoo, Bloggerheads.com (not the video or the relevant post) has entered at No. 9…

UPDATE (27 Nov) – 6th in Google today.

UPDATE (29 Nov) – 5th in Google today. And we still own the zone in MSN Search. Over the last two days, Bloggerheads.com has slipped out of the Top 10 in Yahoo – to 12th then 24th – but the launch post has made an entry at 22. The latter is surely a relevance issue (the relevant info is no longer at the top of the page at Bloggerheads.com, and Yahoo has yet to index the actual video at BackingBlair.co.uk)

UPDATE (2 Dec) – Video now 4th in Google, with the relevant blog entry at 5th.

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