Now where have I heard that before?

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The Sun – Soldier’s nude KO (28 Nov): A source last night denied the fighting was an initiation ritual and said: “They had a lot to drink. It was high jinks that got out of hand.”

BBC – Kemp’s wife Wade plays down row (4 Nov): Newspaper editor Rebekah Wade says the argument with her actor husband Ross Kemp which led to her arrest was “a silly row which got out of hand”.

Meanwhile, Rebekah busies herself by screaming for the death penalty and upholding ‘the rule of law’ over two Iraqis suspected of killing British soldiers Simon Cullingworth and Luke Allsopp during an ambush in 2003. They are to escape trial in Iraq because of Foreign Office fears that they could be executed. And, curiously, the Sun is the only newspaper to feature this story today. Here’s the editorial…

The Sun Says – Hand ’em over: Political correctness is usually merely infuriating. When right-on councillors ban the word Christmas, we can simply tell them not to be such wallies. Or ignore them. It’s a different matter when the PC prats interfere with the rule of law. We’ve captured two Iraqis strongly suspected of murdering brave British soldiers Simon Cullingworth and Luke Allsopp. Our top brass aren’t allowed to turn them over for trial because they could face execution under Iraq’s justice system. And that would infringe – you guessed it – their human rights. The hell with that. The powers that be were quick enough to put OUR boys on trial when they were suspected – wrongly – of killing an Iraqi. The lawyers must be told to mind their own business. The Iraqis must be handed over. There’s plenty of time to build a gallows big enough for them AND Saddam.

As Rebekah sees fit to mention this particular hole we’ve dug for ourselves (and that we have ‘plenty of time to build a gallows’) I think it’s entirely proper to sign off with this:

Independent – Saddam on trial: Ten reasons justice may not be served

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