Rebekah Wade hijacks victims of terrorism

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 10, 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch

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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
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Right, that tears it.

I am now formally calling for Rebekah Wade’s immediate resignation.

John Tulloch

Guardian – ‘They have given me somebody else’s voice – Blair’s voice’: When Tuesday’s Sun featured one of the iconic images from 7/7 alongside the headline ‘Tell Tony He’s Right’, the implication was clear: the victim backed the PM’s tough anti-terror measures. There was just one problem: John Tulloch doesn’t… Tulloch, who has professorships at both Brunel and Cardiff universities, is appalled by the way the photograph was used. “This is using my image to push through draconian and utterly unnecessary terrorism legislation. Its incredibly ironic that the Sun’s rhetoric is as the voice of the people yet they don’t actually ask the people involved, the victims, what they think… While he may be “cross” and “appalled”, Tulloch is not surprised. “This is a classic piece of media manipulation demonstrating the cronyism of New Labour and the Murdoch press. You don’t even have to be a sophisticated analyst to see what they are doing with the visual rhetoric and verbal anchorage…


  1. says

    Burnt by The Sun

    Tell Tony He’s Right, pleaded The Sun on their front page before this weeks ‘90 days’ vote: Only problem was, the man used in that picture doesn’t support The Sun’s campaign, and is understandably unhappy about it. Tim at …

  2. Indigo Jo Blogs says

    Scum misrepresents bomb victim

    Anyone see the front page of the Scum newspaper yesterday, the one with the face of a burned 7th July bomb victim on it and an appeal for everyone to write to Tory Bliar and tell him he was right…

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