‘TRAITORS!’ screams the Sun

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Curse you all!The Sun – Terror bill defeat: TREACHEROUS MPs betrayed the British people last night by rejecting new laws to combat terror. They IGNORED the wishes of the vast majority of Britons and HUMILIATED Tony Blair by inflicting his first Commons defeat. Gutless Tory MPs were joined by up to 47 Labour rebels as they wrecked the PM’s bid to hold terror suspects for 90 days without charge.

‘Vast majority of Britons’…? I though we’d settled that. And ‘traitors’…? Them’s *actionable* words, surely (as Scaryduck points out here).

Anorak: Hold on a moment, that’s a bit strong. Can you really call the MPs who voted against the Government’s new laws to combat terror, and the plan to hold terror suspects for 90 days without charge, enemies of the state? … What happened to “We are not afraid” and all that post July 7 desire to carry on unchanged? Does giving the State more and more power help us? Or is it the behaviour of a country gripped by paranoia and fear? The Sun then does something pretty appalling. Under “LOSERS” it mentions six victims of that heinous attack on London who the paper says have lost again with Tony’s defeat. We say appalling because only one of the six, who are all pictured, actually expresses an opinion on the matter. June Taylor, who lost her 24-year-old daughter in the outrage, calls for terror suspects to be held for 900 days if necessary.

Sadly, Rebekah Wade hasn’t made full use of the Page 3 editorial space today *and* she does not call her readers to account for failing to call her ‘yes to 90 days’ hotline in greater numbers… so (as you’ve probably already noticed) I’ve taken care of that for her.

Also, for some strange reason, she has not published the final tally from her hotline adventure.

I’ll add to links between power-naps today. As you’ve probably guessed, I was up a bit late last night this morning…

A great headline from Peter Gasston. The traitor.

Davblog: The Sun is at its most vitriolic this morning, labelling the MPs who defeated the government as “traitors” on its front page. It goes on to claim that they ignored the wishes of the vast majority of Britons and humiliated Tony Blair. In a bizarre piece of reporting, it also says the “the limit was slashed to just 28 days”. Did you see that? “Slashed”! Since when was “slashed” a synonym for “doubled”?

Another good headline. From another traitor.

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