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Posted by Tim Ireland at December 7, 2005

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2005: BloggedI only have two negative points to raise about the book 2005: Blogged; the fonts take some getting used to (this matter has already been covered) and you cannot read this book in bed (some entries make sleep difficult, and others may cause involuntary outbursts of laughter that are sure to wake your chosen life-partner).

Everything else is positive, positive, positive.

OK, now the review is wrapped up, let me get onto the important task of telling you what this book really is….

This book is the perfect gift for that person in your life who still doesn’t ‘get’ weblogs.

I’ll repeat that, just in case you scanned past it…

This book is the perfect gift for that person in your life who still doesn’t ‘get’ weblogs.

1. It’s a book, not a computer. Very little fear is involved.

2. A lot of people enter the world of weblogs and quickly abandon the idea once they’ve waded through their 8th yard of dross. There is no dross here. Tim Worstall’s editing is tight and tidy. It’s also balanced…

3. Because of the way link-cliques are formed, those who delve just a little deeper into blogs often become convinced that all bloggers are shouty from the left, shouty from the right, or simply determined to not give a damn (at the top of their voice). This book bypasses the blogroll and presents a wide range of viewpoints and writing styles.

4. It’s currently available Amazon at just a shade over 5 squid, so it’s suitable as a modest gift, part of a gift, or the perfect solution for this year’s Secret-Santa.

OK, I’ve made my case. Act as you will. As you were.

UPDATE 1 – If you have no friends to speak of (or none that you regard highly enough to spend five pounds and change on), then perhaps you might like to buy a copy for your local MP? Maybe then they’ll understand.

UPDATE 2 – Committed bloggers may also want to buy a copy for themselves; if only to meet this challenge:

This is a list of all contributors. How long do you think it would take to do the rounds and secure for yourself the ultimate signed copy?

1 Comment

  1. Tim Worstall says

    Tim Ireland on THE BOOK.

    OK, yes, that’s a nice review. The usual bundle of notes will now be making its way to the Australian political saboteur for his help in spreading the word about THE BOOK.

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