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Posted by Tim Ireland at December 7, 2005

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I’m finally in touch with someone other than a copy-n-paster at Woolworths regarding JS:TO, but they keep stonewalling me on the actual number of complaints, and I have yet to receive a straight answer to a straight question.

I’m presenting this screengrab to the public just in case they fall back on a claim of unacceptable profanity (Woolworths even sell 3 items with – *gasp* – the C-word in the title).

[SIDEBAR – Shocked members of the public may wish to note how many F-word items are available. Bargain-hunters may wish to note how many F-word items are available for under a fiver.]

fuck woolworths

Message to Woolworths: I can take a straight argument, but I do *not* like to be fobbed off or ignored. Talk to me like an intelligent human being, and we may get somewhere.

UPDATE – Check comments for an interesting development – Equity is on the case! Huzzah! Also, a range of blog reactions is reported here at the BBC website.


  1. Wolf Solent says

    Woo hoo – the BBC website is on to this now: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4507636.stm

  2. Guy Gooberman says

    As is actor’s union EQUITY, they have just emailed me with the following…You may have read in the press that both Sainsbury’s and Woolworths have withdrawn from sale DVDs of Jerry Springer – The Opera after receiving complaints from the public. This is the same production of Jerry Springer – The Opera which was subject to protests when the BBC screened it.When Equity approached the two companies, Sainsbury’s press office said that they had received around 20 complaints but Woolworths would not reveal the number of complaints it had received other than to say it was “substantial”.Equity is very concerned about the action of the two companies and General Secretary Christine Payne has issued the following statement”Equity is opposed to the action which Woolworths and Sainsbury’s have taken on two grounds. Firstly, Equity strongly supports artistic freedom and equally strong opposes censorship in all its forms, however offended any individual may feel themselves to be by a particular piece of dramatic art.“Secondly, Equity members derive income from the sales of recorded material, including DVDs, and so stand to lose income from actions such as these.”Equity is inviting all of its members to make their views known to Sainsbury’s and Woolworths about these acts of censorship.”If you wish to contact Sainsbury’s with your views you can visit http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/contactus and complete an e-mailable form or call their general enquiry line on 0800 636 262.If you wish to contact Woolworths you can send an e-mail to customer.relations@woolworths.co.uk or call the company’s headquarters on 020 7262 1222.If you would like to send a comment about this matter to Equity, please DO NOT press the reply button, but use the following e-mail address responseATequityDOTorgDOTukThank you.Best wishesMartin BrownEquity Campaigns, Press and PR OfficerGuild House, Upper St Martin?s Lane, London WC2H 9EGI’ll forward it on you Tim!

  3. The Inside Of My Head says

    Milking it

    Woolworths won’t stock controversial films, apparently……

  4. mediawatchwatch.org.uk says

    Equity joins the Springer fight

    The actors’ union Equity has entered the Springer DVD fray. The recently-elected first-ever female General Secretary, Christine Payne, has issued the following statement:Equity is opposed to the action which Woolworths and Sainsbury’s ha…

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