And I’m Mary Poppins… (“No, *I’m* Mary Poppins!”)

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Technorati screengrab1. As Wibbler notes in a previous comment, “Craig Murray” is one of the most popular blog-specific searches today. We have right-wing bloggers to thank for at least 30% of this activity. Well done, lads!

2. Chin-wiping cheerleader Michelle Malkin is now on the case and begs us to ‘stay tuned’. Please note the careful illusion of balance in this post. (“Y’know, this book-plugging moonbat may have a point, but…”)

3. Isn’t most of this a recycled version of Richard Clarke ‘only wanting to sell his book’? I think someone needs to learn a few new tricks.

4. Damn it all…. it’s just occurred to me thank no-one thought to check the fonts!

5. More careful and balanced scrutiny from Outside The Beltway.

6. Some great comments under this post. Put your coffee to one side.

7. The Register reports: (T)he point, and the difficulty for the FCO, is that they establish who said what, to whom, when. Claims by the FCO and the Government in general that it does not procure evidence via torture and that it is unaware that torture is taking place can most kindly be viewed as superlatively disingenuous when seen against the background of Murray’s letters. In order to sustain the ‘see no evil’ policy in the face of these, Jack Straw must presumably also now claim to have been entirely unaware of what one of his own ambassadors was telling him, repeatedly and at some considerable length.

8. The Times reports *and* links to the documents *and* Craig’s website. Damn it, that shoots my Murdoch conspiracy theory to hell. I guess our case is baseless after all.

9. Craig’s release of these documents was one of the lead stories on Radio 4 this evening. The ever-biased BBC at work. Obviously.

10. We now have the weekend papers to look forward to. There’s lots of analysis in weekend papers, plus we’re dealing with two distinct sets of editors. What a shame that I’ve now lost heart (and interest) thanks to those hard-working pundits who have the courage to believe in their President.

11. I did this; The Herald – MPs to probe ‘torture’ claims over British spy in Greece – I deliberately engineered this story in order to market Craig’s book. I wasn’t going to say anything, but the guilt is eating me up inside.

12. At this stage, we are treating the near-to-complete removal of files from Craig’s web server at approx 2230 GMT yesterday as a technical glitch caused when the hosting company attempted to move the site to a different server via an automated process, but only managed the first half of the operation, thereby changing ‘moval’ to ‘removal’.

(What? ‘Moval’ is a perfectly cromulent word. The explanation given by the host seems entirely dyspepmental, also.)

There’s more, but thirteen is an unluckiest of numbers and I’m just dying to say; STAY TUNED!

*Sing*, Dennis!

Oh, superlative manipulative disingenuousness,
Blair and Straw are famous for their truthful strenuousness.
They can deny it all they like, the sods,
There’s no way out of this mess,
Superlative manipulative disingenuousness!
(Um diddle diddle diddle um diddled lies…)

UPDATE – Oh, go on then…

UPDATE – Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*breeeeeath*ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

No, no, no… wait… it gets better: A former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan is about to release an “explosive” book on the Clinton-inaugurated practice of “extraodinary renditions.” (my emphasis)

At the risk of repeating myself; Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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