Blair’s torture lies…. Level 1 completed

Posted by Tim Ireland at December 29, 2005

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Thursday, December 29th, 2005
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Craig Murray’s damning data release has now featured on DailyKos and dozens of other sites here and abroad.

Every post on the subject (and there’s a wide variety of them by now) urges readers to save a copy for themselves.

This data can no longer be recalled, and it is being discussed widely.

OK, mainstream media… over to you.

UPDATE (11:37pm) – Craig Murray’s site is currently down. This is almost certainly a server issue, and it will be dealt with in the morning.

UPDATE (00:48) – Well, shut my mouth. Something fishy *is* going on. Details in the morning. Meantime, my advice to those who are hosting this data is as follows;

Back-up your website… just to avoid any possible hassles.

Boy, it’s a good thing we hosted this in multiple locations, isn’t it?


UPDATE (00:55) – Initial mainstream. That’s Level 2. Start the clock.

UPDATE (01:15) – BlairWatch are now carrying a mirror of Craig’s original post.


  1. irritant says

    Speak to NearlyFreeSpeech.Net a little birdie told me they are sympathetic to political dissidents of all flavours. I think they are prepared to go a bit further than most at taking risks.

  2. Wizbang says

    Bloggers Strikeout On UK Torture Memos

    Lefty UK bloggers, Blair watchers, and now Daily Kos are trumpeting their coordinated release of two documents (or rather mirroring) from a forthcoming book by UK. Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray. Here’s how Murray puts it:The Brit…

  3. says

    UK Torture Memo – published!

    I’ve been a little out of the loop with Bloggerheads recently, owing mainly to the incessant work coming in from my *real* job. But he and his team of merry men have gone and planted a bomb underneath the government…

  4. Progressive Lyceum says

    The UK / Uzbekistan Torture Documents

    We are joining an effort by bloggers all over the world to mirror and disseminate Craig Murray’s damning memos that prove that the United Kingdom knowingly received information from the Uzbeks that was extracted by torture.Craig is risking imp…

  5. José says

    Never had a blog but created one just for this purpose. Saved a copy on my computer and will keep posting it if they remove it.

  6. Owen's musings says

    Is Craig Murray right about torture?

    In which I agree with Sir Brian Barder (my father) that Craig Murray, while right in general, is wrong about the use of intelligence obtained from torture….

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