Blair’s torture lies…. Level 1 completed

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Thursday, December 29th, 2005
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Craig Murray’s damning data release has now featured on DailyKos and dozens of other sites here and abroad.

Every post on the subject (and there’s a wide variety of them by now) urges readers to save a copy for themselves.

This data can no longer be recalled, and it is being discussed widely.

OK, mainstream media… over to you.

UPDATE (11:37pm) – Craig Murray’s site is currently down. This is almost certainly a server issue, and it will be dealt with in the morning.

UPDATE (00:48) – Well, shut my mouth. Something fishy *is* going on. Details in the morning. Meantime, my advice to those who are hosting this data is as follows;

Back-up your website… just to avoid any possible hassles.

Boy, it’s a good thing we hosted this in multiple locations, isn’t it?


UPDATE (00:55) – Initial mainstream. That’s Level 2. Start the clock.

UPDATE (01:15) – BlairWatch are now carrying a mirror of Craig’s original post.

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