Competence and consequence

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The Times – MI5 knew of bomber’s plan for holy war: Britain’s top spies knew that the ringleader of the London bombers was planning to fight for Al-Qaeda more than a year before the July 7 suicide attacks, security sources have revealed. MI5 bugged Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, a second bomber, for two months as they talked about Khan’s desire to fight in what he saw as the Islamic holy war. Agents also listened in as the men talked between themselves about Khan’s plans to return to Pakistan where he had attended a camp for British terrorists. They also spoke about engaging in crime to raise money for Islamic extremism. However, police and MI5 officers ruled that the two men were not an “immediate risk” and did not present a “direct threat” to national security. The detectives’ assessment was that the men were primarily involved in fraud rather than preparing to mount attacks in the near future. As a result, surveillance on them stopped, allowing the attacks that killed 52 people and injured 700 to go ahead.

Further proof, if you needed it, that there is no need for an inquiry into circumstances leading up to the July 7 attacks.

Link via Rachel, who has a lot to say about this.

(PS – Don’t let this stop you thinking about that poor whale and what MPs do with their penises.)

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