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Appropriate responses to the death of an innocent mammal (tick one):

[ ] Sadness
[ ] Sadness tempered with a sense of inevitability
[ ] Sadness tempered with a sense of priorities
[ ] “Hang on, there might be a quid in this…”

The Scum – Memorial to Wally whale: The Sun today launches a 10,000 pound appeal to save Wally the Whale’s bones for the nation. We have teamed up with experts and conservationists to help preserve the skeleton for crucial scientific research. We also want to provide a lasting tribute to the whale that captivated the world by swimming up the Thames into central London. Wally – who died on Saturday after two days of drama – belongs to the Queen under a salvage law passed in 1324.

I’m sorry but, as of now, ‘Wally’ is the property of News International.

Let’s go to Page 3 for the round-up:

Today, Keeley (19, from Kent) gets her cha-chas out to praise The Sun for saving Wally’s remains and says: “I was really sad that rescue workers were unable to save Wally. It is right that scientists try to find out more about her. They may stop a tragedy happening again.”

Myself, I’m really sad that they couldn’t afford Lady Diana this same level of respect.

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