Reasons to be fearful

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Teh FearThe Scum – Poll shows anxious Britain: Modern living is causing a culture of fear in Britain today, a shock new poll of Sun readers reveals. You worry more about CRIME, HEALTH and MONEY than you did 15 years ago. But it is the horrors of porn on the INTERNET, chatroom PERVS, VIOLENCE against kids, DRUGS and the hoodie YOB CULTURE which cause you most anxiety. Almost nine out of ten Sun readers (86 per cent) in the MORI opinion poll want those guilty of serious sexual crimes against kids to be put away for life. And four out of ten (41 per cent) said child sex abusers should get the death penalty. There is overwhelming support across the board for The Sun’s campaign for prison ships to solve the crisis of overcrowded jails. Most people are against sending fewer convicted criminals to prison or making jail terms shorter. Almost six out of ten (57 per cent) reject the view that fewer should be jailed and shorter jail terms were rejected by over eight out of ten readers. Almost two out of three (65 per cent) say that if there are not enough cells, converted ferries should be used as floating prisons. And Sun readers are prepared to take tough action against murderers. Almost half (48 per cent) want the death penalty for murdering a policeman on duty – that increases to 58 per cent for murder by terrorists. More than six out of ten (61 per cent) would bring back hanging for murdering a child. By contrast, only nine per cent want the gallows for killing a husband or wife in a fit of rage. There is strong opposition across the board to early release of prisoners sentenced to life for murder. Four out of five (82 per cent) of you are opposed. Everyone worries about youngsters in this age of drugs and violent crime. But the MORI survey shows that half of Sun readers are very worried about the dangers of the internet. In the past three weeks 46 per cent say they have fretted a great deal about protecting their children from internet porn and 55 per cent about paedophiles contacting children through chatrooms. Many people share a fear that Britain is increasingly unsafe to raise children in a society blighted by yob culture. Almost six out of ten readers (56 per cent) worry about not having enough cash, well above 39 per cent in 1991, when the question was first asked. More than half (55 per cent) are concerned about health, sharply up from 41 per cent, and 54 per cent are anxious about children’s education, up from 38 per cent. Vandalism and crime alarm 50 per cent of people, up from 42 per cent. And six out of ten of you are upset by disrespectful or nuisance behaviour. The other hot issues covered in the survey, including your worries about bird flu, school truancy, under-age sex and terrorism, are shown in our graphics on these pages.

OK, what can we determine from all of this?

1. Sun readers represent the heart and soul of Britain. What applies to them applies to all of us.

2. It is modern living that causes these anxieties, not the irresponsible and manipulative behaviour of the Sun itself.

3. Prisons ships and the death penalty are the way forward.

The primary ‘fear’ graphic shows the clear priorities of Rebekah Wade Sun readers; the two top fears are ‘paedophiles in internet chatrooms’ and ‘internet pornography’… terrorism ranks 5th.


It seems like only yesterday that the Backing Blair truck issued this warning to the people on the street: The internets are full of pornography! Stay away from the internets! Place your trust instead in the many fine media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch.

UPDATE – CuriousHamster – Murdoch’s just this guy

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