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When first launched, we watched early matches with great interest. We were on the lookout for the quality matches and the quirky ones (one of the most interesting early matches was Animal Farm and A Christmas Carol).

So, today, I’m keeping a close eye on new and existing entries on BlogCode (and also making notes of any duplicate entries for manual correction while we work on the duplication-prevention issue).

This is one of the best matches I’ve seen so far…
Take a look at how closely the Impeach Bush Coalition matches with BlairWatch.

That’s a little bit spooky, that is.

Drop me a line if you see/notice anything interesting yourself

Also, you may have spotted a few references to ‘evil twins’ on other blogs. This is my fault. When sending word out to Alpha-testers, I had this to say:

Once we have a rich enough database, you stand a very good chance of locating your evil twin… because the chances are he/she runs a very similar weblog to your own, only from a very different viewpoint.

In other words, the database allows a very good chance of finding someone who blogs/writes in much the same way you do, with the only thing that differs significantly being your political view(s).

Looking at the recommendations for a few days ago, my best candidate for my Evil Twin looked to be that Guido fellow, and this still appears to be the case.

New on my recommendations list is a blog I’d not seen previously… Balrog. There’s lots to read there, but what really caught my eye was this post on free speech highlighting the difference between these two Google Image searches:

Google worldwide
Google in China

PS – Happy Valentines Day. Those who hold a special place in my heart may wish to get in touch today for a sneak-preview of something wonderful.

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