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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 14, 2006

Category: BlogCode

Yesterday BlogCode launched with 156 blogs in the database. 24 hours later, there are 502. A good first day.


UPDATE – We made it into Yahoo’s live database in 24 hours, Google’s in 32.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 14, 2006

Category: BlogCode, Teh Interwebs

When first launched, we watched early matches with great interest. We were on the lookout for the quality matches and the quirky ones (one of the most interesting early matches was Animal Farm and A Christmas Carol).

So, today, I’m keeping a close eye on new and existing entries on BlogCode (and also making notes of any duplicate entries for manual correction while we work on the duplication-prevention issue).

This is one of the best matches I’ve seen so far…
Take a look at how closely the Impeach Bush Coalition matches with BlairWatch.

That’s a little bit spooky, that is.

Drop me a line if you see/notice anything interesting yourself

Also, you may have spotted a few references to ‘evil twins’ on other blogs. This is my fault. When sending word out to Alpha-testers, I had this to say:

Once we have a rich enough database, you stand a very good chance of locating your evil twin… because the chances are he/she runs a very similar weblog to your own, only from a very different viewpoint.

In other words, the database allows a very good chance of finding someone who blogs/writes in much the same way you do, with the only thing that differs significantly being your political view(s).

Looking at the recommendations for a few days ago, my best candidate for my Evil Twin looked to be that Guido fellow, and this still appears to be the case.

New on my recommendations list is a blog I’d not seen previously… Balrog. There’s lots to read there, but what really caught my eye was this post on free speech highlighting the difference between these two Google Image searches:

Google worldwide
Google in China

PS – Happy Valentines Day. Those who hold a special place in my heart may wish to get in touch today for a sneak-preview of something wonderful.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 13, 2006

Category: BlogCode, Teh Interwebs

OK folks, here it is… the Big Shiny New Thing I’ve been promising: – the weblog directory and recommendation tool is an initiative of StoryCode, the book-comparison project in which I have been proud to play a small role. The idea for BlogCode was cooked up by myself and Steve Johnston, and made real largely thanks to the excellent work of StoryCode’s lead developer Chris Russell., not unlike its parent site, is designed to provide reading recommendations based on aspects such as style, delivery and content. We have, however, taken great care to make the coding process specific to weblogs, but universal enough to cover the typical aspects of most weblogs.

The result is a blog directory that lets you find blogs similar to the one(s) you enjoy, without limiting yourself to subject-based searches on Technorati or endless journeys through blogroll after blogroll.

Basically, it provides anyone who enjoys weblogs with a fast-track to similar reading experiences. It will also be useful to bloggers themselves, by helping them to attract a suitable readership and/or helping them to find other bloggers that they may wish to network with.

Take the excellent weblog Chicken Yoghurt as an example; over the past year or so I’ve found myself linking to what this blogger writes about on more key issues than any other blogger, as we have similar views and similar writing styles.

It took months – years, even – to establish this relationship and the synchronicity between our weblogs, but BlogCode established an 84% match within minutes:
Recommendations for Bloggerheads

How the system works

– The reader of any given blog evaluates that weblog at

– 27 metrics allow for intuitive response via the use of sliders

– One code/evaluation is enough to kick things off, but the more people who code a weblog, the more reliable this collaborative evaluation becomes

– These 27 metrics intersect in what can best be described as a sphere; and where any given weblog is in this sphere is determined by the combined gravitational forces of all metrics

– Other blogs that are closest in proximity to this weblog within this imaginary 3-dimensional space are judged to be a good match (the strength of which is determined by a simple percentage… anything over 80% is a bloody good match)

How it can be used

As a reader: If you discover a blog that you love, you simply look it up at BlogCode to find others like it (and if that blog isn’t in the database, you simply create an entry and code it)

As a blogger: You can use BlogCode to find other people to network with and/or beef up your blogroll – there’s even a special tool available via the site that allows you to display a feed of current matches on your weblog (kind of like a miniature dynamic blogroll).

Beta-testing begins now

So, go forth, play, do and enjoy. Remember; the more blogs we have in the system and the more evaluations we have of each weblog, the better the system works.


Warm and fuzzy feelings of gratitude go out to all those who chipped in on the Alpha-testing and – in doing so – helped to build our initial weblog database:

Nick Barlow
Beau Bo D’Or
Toby Bryans
Chicken Yoghurt
Alan Connor
Carl Eve
Peter Gasston
Guy Gooberman
Martin Lloyd
Shane McCracken
Annie Mole
Rachel North
Andrew Seal
Dave Weeden
Tim Worstall
Richard Wilson

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