I want a meeting with Ian Hislop

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 2, 2006

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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
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Private Eye bit into the fruit too early and have been shy of Teh Interwebs ever since. But stuff like this needs to be online:

Craig appears to be on the money.

The Eye could benefit greatly from a strategic release of their material online… as I’ve been saying to them privately – and publicly – for years now.

There’s also a lot that I’ve been holding in reserve.

Lunch. Hislop.

Who will help me to bake this bread?

(Incidentally, the cartoon this snippet refers to can be seen here.)

PS – While I’m asking; I would also like a windmill, please.

UPDATE – BlairWatch picks up on the Guardian picking up on yet more ammo from Private Eye


  1. bigdaddymerk says

    It’s always about the windmill with you isn’t it.Windmills wont make you happy Tim. Look at Windy Miller, he’s a manic depressive.

  2. scotch says

    Tim, as an eye subscriber, I have asked Ian to have lunch with you.And what’s up with the windmills?

  3. scotch says

    P.S You can get a ham sandwich for a quid in the Coach and Horses.

  4. Backword Dave says

    Go on Tim; grind the bastard down! (That was a reference to milling, not to Ian Hislop, BTW.)

  5. Paul Linford says

    Agree, but they would need to be very careful about how they did it. Some bits of Private Eye – eg Street of Shame, HP Sauce – would work very well as blogs but could quickly destroy the in-print product if they took off. On the other hand, Slop needs to recognise that if he doesn’t do it, others will (in fact, already have) and the in-print version will become obselete anyway.This dilemma is not unique to Private Eye – it is one faced by the entire newspaper industry.

  6. Manic says

    Did I say the word ‘blog’? Did I?:o)Oh… wait… I did. Just then. But a blog is not what I have in mind for Private Eye. At least, not at the core of Teh Plan.Teh Plan keeps a blog in reserve and *only* for use on time-sensitive articles (that would be old news by the time the next issue comes out).Just think about how much this would f**k up those clever clogs that delay releases and rulings until PE has gone to print.:o)

  7. MatGB says

    I’d still buy the print version even if the entire content went online immediately they got the story, it’d still be a good archive.Besides, there are bits that simply wouldn’t work online that ought to. We know that at least some Eye staffers read blogs regularly.

  8. Robert says

    “Private Eye bit into the fruit too early”Tim, could you explain this further for the uninitiated?

  9. Manic says

    They relied on a top-heavy Flash site long before it became fashionable to go out of business doing so.

  10. irritant says

    The Jowell/Mackie/Rusbridger/Mills relationship was mentioned in the print media a few years ago but it doesn’t do any harm to have it flagged up every once in a while.A good few years ago the Republicans in the US developed a strategy of identifying the most senior people in thier party closest to the main news media sources and cultivating this to the party’s advantage. I always wondered if NuLabour were using Jowell for similar purposes.

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