Judge ye not

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Praise HimIndependent – Blair: ‘God will be my judge on Iraq’: Tony Blair has proclaimed that God will judge whether he was right to send British troops to Iraq, echoing statements from his ally George Bush.

And…. *cue* lighting bolt.


I said… “cue lightning bolt!”

(long pause)

You’re really trying my patience, God.


The PM’s spokesperson was just on the radio insisting that… wait for it… Blair’s words were being spun by people with an agenda. People like the grieving relatives Tony doesn’t have time to meet because he’s too busy giving cosy interviews and shielding Tiny Tessa from harm. (Incidentally, said relatives can count themselves lucky that they weren’t arrested for daring to march on Downing St.)

As you might expect, BlairWatch is all over this. They’re even having a little competition (and I’m about to pop over there and donate a prize).

Me, I only have this to say ahead of the interview itself (due to be aired tonight on ITV at 9:55):

Would God be my judge if I strangled Tony Blair with my bare hands? Perhaps. But first I would expect a judge to be my judge.

(Give us this day our independent inquiry.)

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Chicken Yoghurt – God is our co-pilot: As much as he should be pelted and mocked for yet another sweaty, weaselly attempt at wriggling from, shall we say, temporal accountability, I do have a nagging sympathy for Blair. A person so steeped in blood and horror would frantically search for even the slimmest shot at forgiveness and redemption or else surely go mad, wouldn’t they? I wonder if, deep down, if he’s truly frightened of what might happen to him when he’s finally gathered unto justice. I hope so.

Craig Murray – Impeach Blair: Yet more scandalous reporting from the BBC. They are saying that anti-war protestors are up in arms because Blair said that “God will judge him for his decision to go to war in Iraq.” That is a deliberate twisting of what Blair said into a more favourable light. I too believe God will judge Blair: the poor bastard has really got it coming in the hereafter. Blair actually said that “Others” were involved in the decision to go to war. When Parkinson pressed him, he confirmed that he was referring to God. Saying that “God decided we should go to war” is very different from saying “God will judge my actions.”

UPDATE – This should make you feel better. (Link via Never Trust a Hippy.)

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