Alastair Campbell launches World Cup Blog

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Oh, for fuck’s sake.

UPDATE (2:47) – Tch. For some reason they deleted this comment. Coincidentally, they have also just started reviewing comments before publishing them.

UPDATE (3:01) – Oh dear. Actually, it looks like comments have been disabled entirely.

UPDATE (3:07) – BBC – Campbell World Cup blog own goal?

UPDATE (3:15) – Game on! Comments are back, but mine don’t seem to be making it through. Funny, that.

UPDATE (3:39) – Awwwww…World Cup Blog faw down, go boom! In fact, the whole Labour website has ground to a near-halt. Probably a demand issue. They might be able to spin this as a success yet! (Oh, and one of the most recent entries labels every dissenting entry a ‘Tory comment’. How lovely it must be to live on Fantasy Island.)

UPDATE (4:25) – Tut. They just can’t help themselves, can they? Now they’ve deleted the very first comment I made, which looked like this:

UPDATE (5:09) – Hehehehehehe. OK, I’m done. Weekend starts here.

UPDATE (8:42) – OK, one more – but only because Alastair himself is at it now… attributing negative comments to the “forces of conservatism”… and having a stab at the BBC. He goes on to add:

Of course the Daily Mail are in on the act, their star reporters digging round trying to find out whether I’ve got tickets for England games (are those Paul Dacre muppets sad or what?) I haven’t by the way but any website visitors with a few spare can contact me through the press office.

Oh, I think can go one further than that. Anybody with ‘a few spare’ can contact him via the phone and fax numbers in these documents.

Cheers all.

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