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Reuters – Oil drops below $70 after Zarqawi killed: Oil fell $1.50 to below $70 a barrel after U.S. aircraft killed al Qaeda’s Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi on Thursday, raising faint hopes for a let-up in attacks on Iraq’s wrecked oil industry.

See also: CNN

(Sorry I haven’t posted more than this… only I’m all choked up. Obviously, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is was a close, personal friend of mine.)

PS – If you simply *must* dive headlong into an opinion thread…

UPDATE – Needs to be noted for the record: Every weblog based on the Blogger platform slllllloowwwwwed riiiiight dowwwwwwn following the release of this news. The Chatter Alert Level has subsequently been raised to Orange. Oh, and meanwhile, ‘Zarkawi’ is only 2nd on the Technorati chart. In first place is… ‘Armando‘ (trial trail begins here).

UPDATE – BSSC – Celebrating Death

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