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Posted by Tim Ireland at August 22, 2006

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Ahahahahahaha! Since the post with proof of Mike Chamber’s involvement went live, Dennis Paul’s weblog has gone live with three more anonymous comments. Dennis has also taken the precautionary measure of removing the link to his main website – – from the relevant post (please note change of file name).

He’s removed the earlier anonymous comment that he made himself so he could berate himself for attacking… erm… himself (all of which was carefully recorded here and here), and he has now added/published the following…

Please remember that all of these comments were published within the space of a few minutes in the last hour:

I,m not political, but from what I can see, it looks like the liberals are putting up spoof blogsites sites, then pretending they are tory inspired.

It goes to show what lengths they will go to in order to mislead the public.

This is my very favourite comment by far. My hacking skills are so great that I can set up a limited company in Mike Chambers’ name.

First comment…”firewall”. Don’t make me laugh.

A number of liberal supporters in Guildford are graduates with computing expertese. They can hack through website visitors pc with ease – all they need is your IP address to target your computer.

These ‘blogsites’ are a venus fly trap to them. At a national level, Police intellegence use the same expertese to monitor and catch muslim extremists.

You only have to visit their site and they can target you. The best thing is to avoid their sites altogether, and avoid clicking on links that could take you to their site.

Ahahahahahahaha! Do not follow the links. Ignore these websites. Do not visit these websites. Stay instead here at the Dennis Paul weblog where you can feel warm, safe, and reliably informed.

I agree. If you click on links to these sites, who knows where it could take you.

Next thing you know, you could be on some paedo site with the Police knocking on your door accusing you of visiting innapropriate websites.

I say again; Ahahahahahahaha! Do not follow the links. Ignore these websites. Do not visit these websites. If you visit any of these websites, your computer will record that you have read the word ‘paedophile’ (on a site created by Mike Chambers, most likely in collusion with Dennis Paul) and the police will come knocking.

Oh, God… I find it hard to believe that I wore my big boots for this. A sturdy pair of slippers would have been more than sufficient.

UPDATE (11:29pm) – Dennis is back… and feeling very confident, by the looks of things. (Heh. Wouldn’t you know it? It’s just past closing time!)

UPDATE (12:58am) – My random synapse connections (a glorious gift from my childhood) bring forth the following memories and thoughts:

1. A Certain Conservative Blogger who pledged to “take the piss out of politicians; whatever their foibles” declaring (via email) over a paedo-scum moment of his own that in such cases one should; “Never explain, never apologise.”

2. A very early tangle with a guy by the name of Matt Vartan who – despite being caught bang-to-rights – had the audacity to ‘quote’ Churchill in his sign-off (“Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up!”)… before retreating forever.

3. The sudden and unexpected appearance of a website dedicated to tracking self-important nutters like Stephen Green and John Beyer just as I was wondering how the hell I was going to manage said task all by myself. [Dennis and Mike: one to keep in mind…]

4. Again, the reason why I set up the Anne Milton weblog in the first place (and the agnostic inside me that is trying desperately to avoid the significance of my happening across Mike Chambers as the very first Milton-ringer).

5. Finally, something that keeps me going despite ‘assurances’ from Certain Conservative Bloggers that this is the way it has always been, and one should be willing to roll over and let it happen;

I’m just one guy trying to exercise his rights as a constituent. I have the guts to put my name to my efforts, and my reward is to have some anonymouth pose as me, making libellous claims about my professional and personal life. They seem to think that I should have rolled over and given up a long time ago, but I continually ask myself the question; “What would they get up to if they’re *weren’t* subjected to ample scrutiny?”

UPDATE (1:01am) – And I’d best add this; I haven’t really felt as if I were ‘back‘ until… right about now. Speaking of backs… Blair had better watch his.

[Psst! Some cool Flash stuff is headed your way… The first item will make you piss your pants. The second will make Dennis and Mike shit theirs.]

UPDATE (23 Aug 5:39pm) – Oh, God… talk about projection. Paranoia sets in over at Dennis Paul’s weblog

The computer I am using to access emails and visit a blogger website today was attacked as follows:

* 3.37pm. Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.worm.Helkern IP address
* 4.35pm. Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.worm.Helkern IP address
* 4.36pm. Intrusion.Win.MSSQL.worm.Helkern IP address

Must have been some local script kiddie…

Tha part to look forward to is when I prove that Dennis is directly involved with this or that and he blames hackers accessing his computer and posting stuff in his name. Oh, and he gets a golf-clap for his discovery of the term ‘script kiddie’…

UPDATE (23 Aug 8:50pm) – Speaking of feeling confident… ‘Jonesy’ (aka Mike Chambers) has just published a fresh comment at his weblog… nothing new; he’s just pressing and airing his paedo-smears as if nothing can touch him. One can only wonder why he thinks this

Chambers is a worm; this we know. What this proves (again) is that those who continue to endorse/protect him share the guilt in this.

UPDATE (24 Aug 4:25pm) – Hahahahaha! Dennis continues his ‘do not visit other websites’ message in an expansion of his recent post, and – as predicted – he also appears to be lining up his alibi:

Perhaps some of these links will explain some of the problems with blogging on dodgy sites. Take for example the problem of the Trojan Horse. Or those net pest script kiddies. It’s one thing them roaming randomly to hack a victim, but when they obtain your IP address through a visit to their site, then you could be at risk. You could find yourself becoming the victim of net bullying, or worse, if your children log on with too much detail, they are vulnerable to stalkers and paedophiles on the net. You could find criminals putting up material on your pc as this case showed.

The link for the case he cites is broken but I found it here. What it refers to – at worst – is undesirable ads appearing on a weblog without the owner’s knowledge…. but as this post points out; “It’s most likely that the person visiting (that) weblog had adware installed on their computer which inserted pornographic ads into the web page.”

UPDATE (29 Aug) – Dennis has now removed this post. At the risk of repeating myself: the man has a bad habit of deleting content once it’s (finally) clear to him that an argument has failed to go his way.


  1. Piers says

    I think this is time to use my favourite quote from the BOFH: Shooting. Barrel. Fish. With an elephant gun.

  2. Jherad says

    *slaps forehead*If you don’t understand it, it’s *magic* (or in this case, hacking).Be amazed as I use ‘mad hacking skills’ to turn into ‘Learning and Skills Council’. Obviously by hacking into the PC of one of the commenters and reading his email (Sarcasm alert!).

  3. bohica says

    Nobody likes being asked to turn over the stones to see what’s beneath. Bad PR all round.I suggest that you put everything you have together and approach a newspaper (Guardian or Indy are probably your best bets but, believe it or not, the Daily Mail enjoy a good political lynching as much as the next rag).Many organisations do not take bloggers seriously. They do, however, understand national press, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most, if not all, of the organisations you’ve contacted, suddenly start bending over backwards as soon as a newspaper starts sniffing around.Mark.

  4. Manic says

    That’s good advice, Mark. Thanks.Just about everyone will have noticed this effect via ‘consumer help’ shows/columns. Once a big name goes sniffing, suddenly everyone gets busy.Milton’s office is still stalling BTW, and it looks like they’re lining up some game about ‘looking into the allegations about me’ (in a helpful capacity, of course)… heaven knows what they’re up to.

  5. bohica says

    I suppose, if they’re looking into allegations about you rather than made by you, they could be going for the oldest trick in the book: Smear them before they smear us.Mark.

  6. Manic says

    Wouldn’t put it past her.

  7. scotch says

    Maybe everbody’s noticed but:That last IP address from Dennis resolves to Paris. Now, he just said that it, “must have been some local script kiddie.” Please note the use of the word “local”. Wasn’t he just telling us all he’d been in er… Paris?But of course he makes it clear he wasn’t using his own computer. So it can’t be him then, obviously.

  8. Jherad says

    It’s just a worm. ‘Helkern’ is an alias for the ‘Slammer’ worm which hit a while ago.In other words – chances are, the ‘attackers’ probably don’t know they are attacking. Infected SQL servers which are attacking random IP addresses, in an attempt to spread the worm. A firewall will report when an ‘attack’ passes over you, even if you are not vulnerable to infection. One attack came from France, the other two from China. They might as well have been from the planet Mars.Studying your firewall reports too much will lead to a large case of paranoia, and hair loss. Your average machine will start getting ‘attacked’ within a minute or two of hitting the internet.

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