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Posted by Tim Ireland at August 29, 2006

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Stuff’s happening, but I’m not at liberty to comment. But I am free to say that – while all of this has been going on – there’s been a renewed attempt to ‘cleanse’ Anne Milton’s Wikipedia entry including a number of crafty edits where the link to the Anne Milton weblog is not removed, just ‘accidentally’ broken (and from an AOL account this time, instead of the facilities provided by Parliament). They get cleverer by the day…

UPDATE (3:28pm) – You may recall that I had some difficulty getting the Guildford Conservative Association to take an interest in recent developments. You may also recall that the Anne Milton weblog began by ‘outing’ a seemingly never-ending series of Tory activists, councillors, associates and/or family-members who posed as ordinary members of the public in her 2005 election campaign literature. Now, this may be a little taxing, but I want you to try to guess (before clicking) how many current senior members of the Guildford Conservative Association endorsed Anne Milton in this way.


  1. scotch says

    And Dennis has removed his last blog entry, the one with all the links in. You do of course have an archive, don’t you…?

  2. Manic says

    Of course.

  3. Piers says

    The link to the Anne Milton blog had been removed again. I’ve put it back… Gonna definately keep an eye on that page. Maybe we should start one for Mr Chambers and Mr Paul ;-)

  4. Manic says

    I know you’re joking on that last point, but it might even be an idea to back off on editing the Amme page for now. The latest ‘discussion’ edit that bills me as a hate-filled cyberstalker is nothing new, and senior editors have been good enough to reinstate the content before now.(PS – If we followed the ‘TwoBells’ model, all sites that disagreed with Tony Blair’s decisions as a politician would be removed from that Wikipedia entry, too.)

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