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Saturday, September 9th, 2006
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For Queen and Country: Tonight’s example of New Labour Delusion comes from the website Keeping the Faith. This is a pro-Blair website set up to support the beleaguered Tony Blair. It has a list of 50 achievements during his time in office… Anyway, the one that has really offended me, is this gem, according to the site, one of Blair’s top achievements is – 16. Banned anti-personnel mines – If just one of those Blair supporting goons can tell me what sweet fuck all good that does when Cluster Bombs are being dropped like confetti in Iraq, Afghanistan and by the Israelis in Lebanon (thanks to our government for letting them pass through our airports), then I’ll personally vote New Labour at the next election.

And napalm, Daz. You forgot to mention napalm.

PS – Remember Gareth Davies? He’s chipped in with this little effort to help David Taylor achieve the status of hapless victim and – 18 months after our original exchange – he *still* hasn’t managed/bothered to answer this question: “Do you support detention without trial based on intelligence gained through torture?”

UPDATE (11 Sep) – Sounds like a ‘yes’ to me.

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