They what now?

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 18, 2006

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Monday, September 18th, 2006
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It has just come to my attention that the Conservatives invented blogging… and quite possibly the helicopter. Rachel has more.

UPDATE – Well said:

“Harry’s Place – the blog meeting place for lefties all over Britian”


I’m afraid your very creditable 19th place is rather diminished by the fact that Dale doesn’t know what the hell he’s on about.

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  1. james_q says

    Considering the Tories have traditionally considered the fact that the voice of the people is heard at all in democratic societies as a problem to be overcome, it would be hard to view the publication of Iain Dale’s pamphlet as anything other than a cynical attempt to outline how the Conservative party can use blogs as a form of political propaganda.The document itself is sponsored by APCO Worldwide, a political lobbying consultancy firm who were hired by the Conservatives to persuade voters that David Cameron’s empty rhetoric actually represents real areas for change. Ironic considering APCO specializes, amongst other things, in setting up front groups and coalitions for the tobacco and insurance industries.

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