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Posted by Tim Ireland at January 24, 2007

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
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Johnny Void began by making a common enough mistake; thinking that the enemy of his enemy was his friend (or, perhaps, some form of zip-gun). Been there myself.

But I think he went of the rails a bit when he started buying into the must-stop-fascist-regime fantasy. In that post, he used some text from me that fitted the seductive but counter-productive ‘Tim wants to take over Teh Internets’ invention, without providing a direct link to the full post (i.e. robbing this partial quote of context).

Soon after, he was here at Bloggerheads, knickers in a twist and spoiling for a fight.

From here on in, I think I can let this comment exchange and his post about the edits in that exchange speak for themselves and leave Johnny to his void.

But not before thanking him for doing me an enormous favour:

Guido 2.0 – The man hears what he wants to hear (and disregards the rest)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s snowing out and I have some playtime coming to me.

Cheers all.


  1. johnnyvoid says

    You're becoming ever more reminiscent of the black knight cartoon you posted aimed at guido timthe game's up, end it now whilst you've still got some credibility

  2. Manic says

    Again, you fail to see some key differences. Here, you were given a fair hearing, even though you repeatedly failed to engage in a fair debate.For your benefit. Again…The removal of two redundant posts made an introductory remark addressing your redundant post… redundant. Your 'post competently' remark stayed because part of posting competently is forming complete and well-structured sentences.

  3. johnnyvoid says

    so you again admit that the post competently remark was left to highlight the fact that i rarely use complete and well structured sentences when commenting on blogsie, to make me look stupid, even though the remark was completely out of context due to your editingand you removed the who's a clever boy jibes precisely because?btw i dont believe the enemy's enemy is my friend and i dont trust guido as far as could throw him (which judging by his pics isnt very far)that said, his blog amuses me and a temporary allegiance now and then seems to prove fruitfulas i said earlier on my blog, void policy is that anyone who seeks to govern us is a target … anyonethat includes internet jobsworths who try to dictate what people can and cant do with their blogs

  4. balders says

    Johnny, it is not about dictating what people can or cannot do with their blogs, it is about pointing out the pitfalls and consequences of their actions. At the same time, Tim is trying to highlight an alternative, an unwritten code of conduct that existed in the usenet era and before. What he is effectively advocating is a form of self discipline and communal responsibility that most people subscribe to subconciously.The issue with Guido is that he combines an asocial attitude to conduct on his blog with a rampant ego. Throw in the fact that he is hailed as the number 1 political blogger in this country (when he blatantly isn't), add a pinch of a raised profile in the MSM and you have a potential problem for bloggers across the spectrum.What we do about it is up to us, and depends on what sort of "blogosphere" bloggers desire. Self-regulation worked for Usenet, it remains to be seen whether a similar culture can arise from blogging.

  5. Manic says

    Johnny,1:Is it really a fact that you rarely use complete and well structured sentences when commenting on blogs? I just want to clarify that, in case I end up making you look stupid.2:What you fear is an invention of Guido and his chums. If only you'd *read* the post you left your first comment under:…Or maybe even this one:…[Rather pointless editing notation made obligatory by someone who sees fit to 'dictate what people can and cant do with their blogs': The 'Johnny' at the top had to be added after publication of this comment, as Balders made a contribution as I was busy writing mine, and I did not want to give the impression that I was addressing him.]

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