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How grateful I am that Obsolete has already said what need to be said, and said it so well:

Obsolete – Scum-watch: Two faces, one day

Well worth a read. Go make coffee, come back and dig in.

All I feel the need to add is a series of links expanding on the ‘Migrants’ AIDS epidemic threat’ story that this not-at-all-racist newspaper ran late last year:

The original article has been removed, but there is a mirror here and the relevant editorial is still live:

The Scum Says – Killer plagues: Britain once wiped out TB and was gaining ground against AIDS. Today we risk an explosion in both these killer diseases, thanks to infected immigrants.

Infected immigrants! Killer plagues! OMFG! Quick, someone pass the plastic sheeting and duct tape!


You can see some valuable context here and some related bloggage here.

Of equal educational benefit is this report on the response by a Romanian tabloid (important background and follow-up here, here and here) and a comment at the Sun website that was undoubtedly prompted by this measured exchange: this is very xenophobic and are very idiots…! your pedophils brought aids to the all continent! this is a real denigration to romania – you nr 1 gay comunity in the world, give me a break!

Ah, the ‘gay=paedo’ equation again. I don’t need to say it, do I?

So, can someone explain to me again that bit about tabloids and the important/constructive role they play in modern society?

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