Tony Blair’s legacy may be a decade of Tory government

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Independent – Matthew Norman: While Blair burns, Brown plays his fiddle: It has been in Gordon’s power for years to dispose of this deluded apology for a British Prime Minister. Had he shown the same degree of principle over Iraq as his old enemy Robin Cook, and resigned before the invasion in March 2003, Mr Blair could not have survived the failure to find weapons of mass destruction. Since then, Gordon has had him on the ropes, legs wobbling and brains scrambled, several times. Each time he has stood back, seemingly unable to believe how close to the title he was, and gifted Mr Blair time to recover his wits.

Well said, that man…. and it’s not just Brown who’s looking increasingly piss-weak, it’s every Labour MP, councillor and activist on the books.

Those of us who pay attention to such things will have noticed that political pundits and activists (primarily from the Conservatives) are busily branding anyone from Labour as ‘Nu Labour’ and/or a ‘Blairite’ – and they’re getting away with it on a regular basis, even with accusations that are well wide of the mark. As each day goes by, it gets easier and easier for them… and not just because mud sticks.

This charade has gone on for far too long, and before you start pointing fingers I will remind you that Blair has an excuse; he’s fucking mental.

I’m not sure at what level I’ll be participating in the 2007 local government elections (all I’m certain of is that it’s my public duty to warn the locals about two Tory activists* who have a track record of wasting taxpayers’ money in pursuit of personal and political vendettas), but I do know that the Tories hope to make significant gains on the back of distrust fostered by the debacle in Iraq while downplaying their ‘all for it’ role in that same debacle.

[*Psst! Locals and regulars may be entertained to learn that Dennis Paul (The Man Incapable Of Honest Debate) is planning his own vidcast feature in the mould of Webcameron (the ‘new’ media jaunt that was eventually forced to publicise itself with a misleading and decidedly old-fashioned personal attack masked with multiple layers of faux-outrage). He plans to call it… wait for it… ‘Den-Paul-Vision’. No, I’m not kidding.]

And yet Blair still plans to hang on for dear life all the way up to these elections (and probably one day past them) just so he can stagger past a meaningless milestone. It’s a bloody gift for Cameron and, as I’ve already mentioned, his activists are busy ho-ho-hoeing the ground right now.

Labour peeps, you have been warned… just as you were warned of the lies about WMD:

People don’t vote for leaders on the basis of their ability to play the victim, and if you’re counting on the voters having short memories, I should point out that the Conservatives are counting on this, too… and this time around, they may end up with the propaganda advantage (especially if Blair’s funding fiddle costs you your war chest).

[Psst! Another sidebar for regulars… those of you who remember who Adrian McMenamin may be interested in a quick peek at yet another lonely ‘legacy’ site.]

[Housekeeping: I’ve been promising some blazing guns, but some technical issues have to be addressed first… I don’t want to go off half-cocked like some people I could mention.]

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