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Huzzah! We’re up and running and ready to roll! Here’s a round-up to get us all started, before the long-promised big’un…

First, there’s some quality reading regarding Blair’s self-serving, blame-seeking speech:

Independent – Shoot the messenger: PM blames media for anti-war mood
Independent – Adrian Hamilton: Blair is up to his tired old tricks again
Obsolete – The continuing last gasps of our very own messiah
BSSC – Repeat until Believable
Blair Watch – Tony’s Defence: Nice of Blair to notice us at last

(Speaking of Blair, Liam Bailey has a few words to say about Tony and his ‘legacy’, and BSSC has a couple of corruption nuggets. More on the latter here.)

Then there’s Bush going it alone:

CNN – Bush: Congress can’t stop troop increase: “I really am not the kind of guy that sits here and says, ‘Oh, gosh, I’m worried about my legacy.’ I’m more worried about making the right decisions to protect the United States of America. See, we’re in a war. People want to come and attack you and attack our country. I understand criticism. But I’ve got a pretty thick hide.”

‘Skull’…. he meant to say ‘skull’. He must have misspoke, because Bush is one of the most thin-skinned leaders alive (FFS, everywhere he goes, he makes sure that everyone who disagrees with him is locked up in a pen a mile down the road) and there’s no way he would lie, right?


The use of the word ‘legacy’ in this context seems very deliberate, though; I think Bush fears that Blair is going a little soft on him.

Moving right along, Ministry of Truth has a warm welcome for a new Tory blogger:

Ministry of Truth – Mystic Nadine: Not to put to fine a point on it, you are talking out of your arse here, Nadine. You really haven’t got a fucking clue what you’re talking about at all, you’re just parroting some made up ‘statistics’ that have been released by your party to promote one of their policies – and all without a single shred of tangible or reliable evidence to back up any one of your claims… Just because the morons in the media will report any old crap you politicos put out doesn’t mean that us people out here in the real worth will believe it, fail to check it or refrain from ripping you a new arsehole when it turns out that your old one, that you’ve been talking out of for years, is obviously completely and utterly clogged with bullshit.


Finally, there are bound to be a few words this morning about The BBD (Bloody Big Database), but for now all I have for you is Nosemonkey’s response and the glorious oddness of the front page of the Independent being in synch with Page 3 of The Sun:

Johann Hari continues this strange pattern here as he dumbs down his own personal opinion for the benefit of viewers of a certain reality show.

UPDATE – Some nice mince-meating of Johann’s arguments here.

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