Iraq: four years of freedom

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 20, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!

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UPDATE – Oh, what the hell, let’s have a small meme.

What did you post on 20 March, 2003?
(or as close to this date as possible)

Doesn’t have to be a blog entry; it could easily be in usenet or in a forum.

So long as it’s from you.

Start with your post from (or near) that date:

Tim Ireland (March 20 2003)

If it’s from an old forum like the example below, include a link to your current home on the interwebs and the relevant entry like so:

Tim Ireland: March 18 2003 (posting as ‘Manic’)

Then have a little chat about your entry:

For those who are wondering, full details of the mystery project from March 2003 (which started here) were later posted here and here. As you can probably tell, it was a bit of a defining moment for me.

Then ‘tag’ 5 other bloggers like so:

Beau Bo D’Or
Devil’s Kitchen

And make sure you include this bit of text or we’re gonna run short of able participants *real* quick:

Don’t worry if their current archives don’t go all the way back to 2003. Odds are, they said something *somewhere* at the time that they know is theirs and still exists in the usenet archive, on the web, or in the web archive.

(PS – If you want to label it, use ‘eve of war‘. Cheers.)

UPDATE – This is pretty cool… a post from Clive including some stuff that I haven’t seen*, a post from Beau Bo D’Or with a picture I missed, and a post from Justin about those heady, carefree days of Bar Room Philosophy.

(*Some of which, I can thankfully say that I still have not seen. Despite any rumours you may hear.)

UPDATE – Hello, Wibbler.


  1. says

    Iraq: four years of freedom

    The irrepressible Tim over at Bloggerheads has asked people what they were doing online on 20th March 2003 (the eve of the invasion of Iraq by people who thought they knew better…). Happily, he's chosen me among others as his…

  2. In My Humble Etc. - says


    At last, I’m free of that wretched Essay – and to think I became a student again under the woeful misapprehension that I would have more time on my hands. So, I got tagged as a Thlogger – that’s thinking Blogger to all you unhip literate ty…

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