Iraq: four years of freedom

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UPDATE – Oh, what the hell, let’s have a small meme.

What did you post on 20 March, 2003?
(or as close to this date as possible)

Doesn’t have to be a blog entry; it could easily be in usenet or in a forum.

So long as it’s from you.

Start with your post from (or near) that date:

Tim Ireland (March 20 2003)

If it’s from an old forum like the example below, include a link to your current home on the interwebs and the relevant entry like so:

Tim Ireland: March 18 2003 (posting as ‘Manic’)

Then have a little chat about your entry:

For those who are wondering, full details of the mystery project from March 2003 (which started here) were later posted here and here. As you can probably tell, it was a bit of a defining moment for me.

Then ‘tag’ 5 other bloggers like so:

Beau Bo D’Or
Devil’s Kitchen

And make sure you include this bit of text or we’re gonna run short of able participants *real* quick:

Don’t worry if their current archives don’t go all the way back to 2003. Odds are, they said something *somewhere* at the time that they know is theirs and still exists in the usenet archive, on the web, or in the web archive.

(PS – If you want to label it, use ‘eve of war‘. Cheers.)

UPDATE – This is pretty cool… a post from Clive including some stuff that I haven’t seen*, a post from Beau Bo D’Or with a picture I missed, and a post from Justin about those heady, carefree days of Bar Room Philosophy.

(*Some of which, I can thankfully say that I still have not seen. Despite any rumours you may hear.)

UPDATE – Hello, Wibbler.

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