Busharat Ali rocks!

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 27, 2007

Category: Photoshopping

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Friday, April 27th, 2007
2:34 pm and is filed
under Photoshopping.

Mr Ali (and people like him) should try to understand that people like me regard falsified campaign material to be a betrayal of the trust of the electorate… and poorly-executed falsification to be an insult to our intelligence….

Busharat Ali rocks! Click. Share. Enjoy.


  1. Joe Taylor says

    …and we have a new meme. Thankyou, Internet.How long before the first T-shirt is made, I wonder? Perhaps a ‘shopped picture of Ali with a sign saying “I WAS THERE” behind him? ;-)

  2. PooterGeek says

    Busharat The Omnipresent

    Tim “Bloggerheads” Ireland uses the exciting new medium of citizen video to put the boot into a Labour candidate and gives me the biggest laugh I’ve had all week….

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