Labour candidate Busharat Ali fakes protest photo

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 26, 2007

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
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Lib Dem Voice – Are Labour faking photos in Bristol?

Looks like a slam-dunk to me.

UPDATE – There’s something about inept photo manipulation that really doesn’t sit well with me, so I popped by Busharat Ali’s online photo album, borrowed a snapshot, and made a version of the offending image for Mr Ali that is of far superior quality. He is welcome to use it for campaigning purposes.

Busharat Ali

UPDATE – Ahahahahahahahaha! You’ll want to check out Busharat Ali’s campaign videos on YouTube here and here. The supers on the ‘Working for Bristol’ video will have you in stitches. The second video has only one super, the URL of his website, and they even managed to muck that up!

UPDATE (27 April) – The videos were removed last night, but a mirror of both can be found here.

UPDATE (30 April) – I’ve found two more Busharat Ali campaign videos on Google Video here and here.


  1. Sim-O says

    "Official web sid for …"Eh? What's a 'web sid'?

  2. RickB says

    Of course it may be he favours an extreme flat top hairdo and has a teleport device.

  3. Sim-O says

    Arse! Sorry for loads of repeat comments, Manic.please delete a couple so I don't look stoopid. Ta.

  4. Manic says

    Already done. I look forward to tomorrow, when Paul Staines will no doubt compare these deletions to his staggering level of image-driven censorship.

  5. Juvenal says

    He appears to have removed the videos from YouTube…

  6. Manic says

    Tch. I do wish that candidates would stand by their campaign material.

  7. Matt Wardman says

    You didn't happen to rip them did you? Or was it not worth it .If it was … send them here.Matt

  8. Manic says

    They're already talking about mirrors over at Lib Dem Voice, so I made my own Busharat Ali video instead:

  9. raahem says

    Hi, nice shot, but what I think, who suggest him to fake the foto, if basharat ali has done so, and then who brought out the real photo out????? it seems like a politics within poilitics, don't you. all I can advice mr ALi, is to be careful with his friends and people who are giving him suggestions to do so

  10. Manic says

    Hello raahem. Welcome to Bloggerheads.That's an interesting theory. I must admit to thinking to myself when I first saw this that the original was quite a find.Nevertheless, I would like to think that someone aspiring to respresent others as a councillor would have the morals and courage to refuse to play such games in the first place, and have the good sense to be wary of possible treachery regardless.

  11. Matt Wardman says

    RaahemSurely the photo was out already, and that's where Bush-Rat got it from?Brilliant video.Matt

  12. Manic says

    Thanks, Matt.I think the point raheem is making is that it was quite a feat to find the original amongst many thousands of photos of protest marches hosted around the world and perhaps someone closely associated with Busharat's campaign had a hand in its discovery (and perhaps even the fraud itself in some kind of Machiavellian set-up).

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