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Posted by Tim Ireland at July 23, 2007

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– Bloggerheads was brought down this morning… by flooding! Cheers, God.

This campaign to support Iraqi translators deserves your support, but my letter will have to wait until tomorrow. [Worth adding from Justin; It is best that those of us deciding to write a letter do so in a personal fashion – form letters and mass-mailouts are frowned upon by our elected representatives and often end up in the bin.]

– “I am spending today helping commemorate the tenth anniversary of the end of the Rwandan genocide” says the ever-humble but three-years-late Toryblogger Iain ‘Action Man’ Dale without being pulled up on it once in an 80+ comment thread… proving that you can get by on very little research if your cynical publicity stunt tugs hard enough at the heart-strings.

– Speaking of heart-strings… this lovely item from Justin compels me to link to this excellent piece by Septicisle… and this one.

– Paul Staines greatly amuses me… some people will do anything to sell revive a book, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone boasting that they’ve managed to get 100+ people to pledge money… in theory only.

– I meant to blog this last week, but got distracted; Tony Blair had three conversations with Rupert Murdoch in the nine days before the invasion of Iraq. There’s an older article that deserves to be twinned with this one; not one of Murdoch’s editors opposed the invasion. I think the man deserves to be billed as an architect, myself.

– Still on Murdoch, here’s a little quote for the people who wave The Simpsons in my face as ‘proof’ that Murdoch isn’t the world’s most manipulative twunt:

“The show’s had its ups and downs. It had a couple years there where it grew a bit dark, but we sort of got them out of that.” Rupert Murdoch

– I meant to blog this the week before last week, but got distracted; the Bush administration has been gagging the surgeon general! A round-up relevant of editorials can be found here.

Tim Worstall sparks an intelligent debate on cannabis.

– And, finally, before I rush out that door… Slaughtering virtual bunnies is preferable to downloading porn. Discuss.

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