Iraq employees campaign: a list of supporters

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Surreptitious Evil has helpfully produced a list of bloggers supporting the Iraq employees campaign that Dan Hardie kicked off.

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If you are actively supporting the campaign and wish to be included in this list, please send the relevant link/permalink and the name/nickname you wish to use to: manic AT bloggerheads DOT com

Dan Hardie
Tim Worstall
Rachel North
Tim Ireland (bloggerheads)
David T (Harry’s Place)
Justin McKeating
Sunny Hundal
Norman Geras
Nick Cohen
Unity (Ministry of Truth)
Chris Brooke
Oliver Kamm
Adam LeBor
Alex Harrowell
Jamie Kenny
Mr Eugenides
Stephen Pollard
Conor Foley
J. Clive Matthews aka Nosemonkey/Europhobia
Rosie Bell
Peter Sanderson at ‘Earthquake Cove’
Ian at PJC Journal
Surreptitious Evil
Chris Plowman
Back off man, I’m a scientist
Phillip Challinor – ‘The Curmudgeonly’
Ian Appleby (Imagined Community)
Davide Simonetti (Blairwatch and Nether-world)
Christopher White
Charlie Whitaker
Sam Tarran
John Band
Gary Andrews
Vino’s Political blog
Kate’s Home Blog
Ross F
Planet Zinfandel
Paul Currion (The unforgiving minute)
Robert Sharp
Beau Bo D’Or
Garry Smith
Jonathan Calder
Aaron Heath
Anthony Cox
Alex Massie
L’Ombre de l’Olivier
Error Gorilla
Miscellany Symposium
Citizen Andreas
Mark Fitchett
Devil’s Kitchen
(also Katy Newton via the Devil’s Kitchen site)
Simon Barrow
The Ethical Palaeontologist
The Remittance Man
A Gentleman’s Commonplace
Chris Dillow
On with my life…
Peter Risdon
David Cole
The Monkey Tennis Centre

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