Yo kids, this is the Hotniss (for real)

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Thursday, August 16th, 2007
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Stand back, kids…. the Tories have gone ‘street’ with a new video via Asabailey [*no they haven’t]. In fact, they’re so with-it that they’re down with their own YouTube profile; ‘smokedbadger’. (Tch. Someone really should have warned them that made-up names on YouTube, no matter how cool they may be, are not all that cool right now.)

What’s with the ‘hotniss.com watermark? Hotniss is was a short-lived ‘viral’ video-sharing site. Is this a borrowed item? Some strange yet authentic public-domain item? Left-overs?

UPDATE – [*Heh. I should have remembered that name… it’s an ‘unofficial’ offering. File it under ‘meh’.]

UPDATE – Bite my tongue, it just became interesting again…. or at least instructive. Check out this video response from this user. Regulars should know what to look for by now.

UPDATE (17 Aug) – Well, someone’s had a word… the original video has been removed and replaced with a new version that does not include the Conservatives’ logo. All I can add to this right now is that Asa, the creator, has denied picking a YouTube fight with himself.

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