Iain Dale outraged by Facebook-related insinuations

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Oh, wait… no he isn’t. Sorry, my mistake.

UPDATE – Oh, I do not fucking believe it… is he shooting for Hypocrite of the Year to promote his new book or something?

Iain Dale says he does not like the media speculating on the McCanns because “lives are at stake”… and yet he says this in the same bloody post where he just happens to mention a Lib Dem connection or two. For no reason other than it might interest people… in a totally innocent and casual manner, you understand.

What a grade-A two-faced…

(I’d say something under comments, but he’s already banned me for objecting to crap like this and I’m not a user and abuser of sock-puppets like Iain Dale and his Tory mates. Not that this stops Iain from yelling ‘sock-puppet’ when it suits him… it’s all part of the show, folks.)

UPDATE – Iain’s back-pedalling like mad, but for those who are in any doubt about the ‘casual’ way in which he mentions some things but not others, check this other recent post. Now, Iain knows that the people behind the report he links to (the Bow Group) exist to “develop policy, publish research and stimulate debate within the Conservative Party”… but does he mention that? Even as an aside? Even for no other reason than it might interest people? No he fucking doesn’t.

It seems at times that Iain Dale will take any chance he can get to push Tory propaganda (often surreptitiously) and undermine the opposition (often audaciously).

OK, so that makes him a hell of a campaigner… but it makes him a pretty unreliable commentator, a disgraceful blogger, and not much of a human being.

UPDATE – Iain Dale: “No Chris, if I get things wrong I apologise.”


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