How to apologise

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 24, 2007

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Michelle L Devon – How to Apologize in Four Easy Steps:

1. Identify the behavior for which you should apologize.
2. Offer your sincere apology along with an explanation of why you are apologizing.
3. Offer a solution to the problem or an assurance that the behavior will change.
4. Make every effort to resolve the issue or change the behavior.

(I tripped over this during an otherwise-futile search for a clip of The Fonz trying to say ‘sorry’.)

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  1. Lobster Blogster says

    1. Iain Dale says I'm an idiot2. I sincerely apologise for letting Iain Dale believe I am an idiot3. Hang on, he's the one with the problem here!4. Bugger changing my behaviour – I resolve to annoy the man a lot more in future

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