Jahongir Sidikov: who cares?

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Craig Murray – A Low Point: Jahongir Sidikov is still in detention at Heathrow, having offered passive resistance to the attempt to deport him today. Next time they will use staff authorised and equipped to use force. I am deeply depressed. All yesterday I was working on trying to save him from being returned to the horrors of the Karimov regime’s treatment of dissidents, and it was like living inside a nightmare… I am still in a genuine state of shock and disbelief that we should start shipping asylum seekers back to Uzbekistan, of all places. It is as though the government have gone into official denial of what kind of place Uzbekistan is. I am also astonished that I have been met with complete indifference from everybody – officials, MPs and journalists. I can’t get anybody to take an interest… Again, I restate my disbelief that we are doing this. How on Earth can we consider deporting dissidents back to Uzbekistan. Do Ministers not know what happens in that country, or do they just not care? And why can’t I get any politician, journalist or official even vaguely interested? Even on the internet, no prominent bloggers have shown any interest.

Ministers do know what happens in that country; people who dare to oppose Karimov’s regime end up dead or declared insane and pumped full of Thorazine.

Ministers don’t care what happens in that country; it takes a shower of bullets just to get them to cluck their tongues.

Blog it, push for press coverage and alert your MP. Please. Just on the off chance that we might make enough noise to get the heartless bastards who run this country to save a man’s life for the sake of appearances.

UPDATE – Question That has more (and a list of supporters), but I’m inclined to agree with Septicisle. If you’re forced to prioritise, pushing for press coverage is the way to go.

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