Let’s All Pick on Vulnerable Right-Wing Chicks Week: Part Three

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Friday, November 16th, 2007
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As noted yesterday, Rachel Joyce has thrown a ruddy great spanner in the works by unexpectedly standing up for herself without inventing, creating and/or hiding behind anonymous personal attacks.

I’m still getting over the shock of it. Who would have expected such a thing from a woman?

Of course she has no way of knowing why Sim-O is asking her these questions [rolls eyes] but I would guess that it might have something to do with her status as a supporter of Nadine Dorries and her stance on abortion.

That, or Sim-O’s dipping her pigtails in the inkwell because I dared him to because he secretly really, really likes her.

Meanwhile, Sim-O isn’t the only bully in the playground; Jherad is picking on this poor, unsuspecting woman, resulting in yet another shock refusal to invent, create and/or hide behind anonymous personal attacks.

Tch. These girls aren’t playing fair if they refuse to fight dirty.

I think it might be time to pick on someone more vulnerable, fellas. Watch for announcements on Monday.

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