Iain Dale and 18 Doughty Street: bravely plunging forward

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 15, 2007

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18 Doughty Street has plenty of money and is moving to new premises as part of a bold new expansion. At least, that’s what the official press release states, and who am I to question it?

Hell, if you need any further confirmation that this is all on the up-and-up-and-ever-upwards, just check out what Iain Dale has to say:

Iain Dale – 18 Doughty Street Set For 2008 Westminster Expansion

Look! See? He even uses the word ‘expansion’ in his headline. You can’t get firmer than that.

It is a pity, though, (as Iain notes in his post) that some people have taken to saying untrue things in the comments of other weblogs.

Tch. It’s just *awful* the way some people gossip, isn’t it?

Poor Iain.

And his pioneering attempts to have an open and honest dialogue with the electorate have been further frustrated by “smears, bile and libels” (you can see some of it here) over his now-confirmed status as a potential prospective Tory parliamentary candidate for Maidstone and the Weald.

Now Iain will have to be even *more* aware of the implications of people saying say untrue things on weblogs.

Heh. OK, enough teasing. Paul Linford is right in what he says here and here. If someone currently laying into Dale for being coy about his political intentions is themselves not mentioning their own intentions regarding parliamentary selection, that’s not on. They should own up or shut up.

[Psst! Um, hello? Tory candidate selection people? Hi. If you’re reading this, I’d like to be taken into account as a possible negative factor, please. I can’t imagine that even wild horses would drag me away from watching how Iain and his activists conduct themselves in a campaign for a seat. Especially after what happened in recent by-elections.]


  1. Lobster Blogster says

    You have to marvel at 18 Doughy Street. So successful they are taking it off air, and such a well established brand they are dropping the name too.They have also been so totally politically independent that the new version will even be "totally politically independent".One thing though, Dale admits he rushed out his annoucement about the changes because someone else had broken the story – do you think his P45 might be in the post and the other three directors havn't had the heart to tell him yet?

  2. Manic says

    Now now… let's not be mean.But let's also not forget that if the promise to become "totally politically independent" is a genuine one, Iain presents something of a problem for them, even if he doesn't get selected to compete for Maidstone and the Weald. His increased partisanship lately (probably in pursuit of this) has not gone un-noticed.

  3. Paul Linford says

    Has anyone actually seen these nefarious comments about 18DS on other weblogs? I have looked in vain for them.

  4. Manic says

    And, as Iain states, he's hardly likely to link to a lie, is he?;o)I saw some chatter over at Staines' site in this thread:http://www.order-order.com/2007/11/blair-is-getti

  5. Lobster Blogster says

    Are you suggesting the Mighty Dale was rattled by a bit of tittle-tattle on the Staines' blog? Now who's being mean!My comment above was just a bit of political commentary, analysis and gossip from the heart of a lobster. However it greatly saddens me that when I take a peek at other's offerings across the blogosphere, I see nothing but lies, especially from the people whose views I am paid to oppose. It's about time we cleaned up the internet – let our rallying cry be "Freedom of Speech, and may the richest man win!".

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