Let’s All Pick on Vulnerable Right-Wing Chicks Week: Part Two

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 15, 2007

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Thursday, November 15th, 2007
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Congratulations to Sim-O, who has let the side down admirably by badgering poor Rachel Joyce into making this statement:

I have met Nadine and I know she is a woman of the utmost integrity. She believes very strongly in her stand on abortion – worth reading her blog on her views etc.
I am not going to get involved in the submissions to this committee and who said what etc.

Now this may seem, on the face of it, as a totally unreasonable refusal to acknowledge the matter at all, but you’d be wrong to think that for two reasons:

For starters, Sim-O’s request-for-comment contains Too Many Words and, as we all know, women are not capable of reading and retaining anything longer than your average baking recipe… and even then they have to take it one step at a time.

Also, women are (and have been since cavemen times) excellent judges of character. Rachel Joyce, having met Nadine Dorries and sized her up as “a woman of the utmost integrity” with a unique radar capability that only women possess, is again well within her rights to ignore any evidence to the contrary.

But we’re not here to be fair to these ‘people’, are we? We’re here to pick on right-wing representatives of the weaker sex.

So extra credit will be awarded to the first person who successfully (and quite unfairly) challenges Rachel Joyce on her refusal to comment on the issue at all.

(Please remember that Rachel has comment moderation enabled, so any attempt to get a comment past this barrier could be interpreted as a penetrative/invasive act. In other words; go for it!)

UPDATE (5:30pm) – OK, folks…. those who have been watching will already know how horribly this has backfired; Rachel Joyce has amazed everyone by proving that a woman can stand up for herself without resorting to personal attacks while claiming victim status. Sim-O has complicated matters further by stupidly denying a woman the last word. More on this unmitigated disaster tomorrow.


  1. Jim Bliss says

    I must admit, I'm a little confused about this.I get the Nadine Dorries thing. She made an allegation which was clearly false, refused to back down on it because MPs are infallible and may admit no wrong, then attempted to stifle debate on the issue. I'm with you on that, and the fact that she's an MP (blithely making false allegations and stifling attempts to correct them) means I applaud your efforts to highlight this.But what exactly has Rachel Joyce got to do with this? And why is your blog post so scathing about her?A casual glance at her blog tells me that she's female and that she's a tory, and that her work in the health service means that's probably the policy area she blogs most often about. So there are similarities with Dorries, I grant you, but a simple word search of her blog suggests she's never once written about Nadine Dorries.Why therefore should she feel obliged to comment on a semi-anonymous off-topic request for information about a colleague she knows little about, and on an issue she has no knowledge of?

  2. Manic says

    Tut. Because she's a *woman*, obviously.

  3. Jim Bliss says

    Nope. Still confused.Maybe I'm missing the joke with the ironic misogyny, but I suggest it's doing you no good at all.If Nadine Dorries (or her supporters) played the "oh, but I'm only a poor lickle woman being set-upon by big nasty men" card, then by all means take her (or them) to task about it. 'Ironic misogygny' is a long way from an appropriate response however.Had Nadine Dorries been (e.g.) Asian and levelled the *inaccurate* accusation that your position was motivated by racism, would I be alone in being appalled if you (however ironically) urged your readers to harass other Asian bloggers while (ironically) warning your readers about [insert insulting racial stereotype of your choice here] and [insert another insulting racial stereotype here]?

  4. Manic says

    1. Please see updated version of this post.2. I guess we won't know unless it happens, but here's a little something for future reference:https://www.bloggerheads.com/archives/2006/10/bloo

  5. Jherad says
  6. Manic says
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