Guardian readers display a lack of interest… and not a little hostility

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 14, 2008

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Thursday, February 14th, 2008
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Max, 19, hits the road. Web users, of varied age, hit Max. (via)

Check the comments. It’s his first day out and it’s all over.

UPDATE (18 Feb) – Get your Monday-morning update, people.


  1. jailhouselawyer says

    I suspect it is not yet over. Shit travels down hill. And what do you want to be when you grow up son? A travel writer just like my dad. Dad, do you think you could ask the Guardian if they will publish my travels? Consider it done son. No guardian against nepotism then?

  2. Justin says

    Please don't let this be a spoof. *Please*. Straight onto the RSS reader.

  3. Sim-O says

    Oh c'mon, "food, booze and skinny jeans" Skinny f***ing jeans!!

  4. jailhouselawyer says

    Max, a word of advice, if anybody offers to pay for your flight back home in return for delivering a hollowed out statue to his dear old mum, just say "no".

  5. Katherine says

    Poor boy. It's not as if most 19 year olds are original. His dad should be feeling a bit ashamed for putting him up for such ridicule though.

  6. Jim Bliss says

    My thoughts exactly, Katherine. If someone had asked me, when I was 19, whether or not I wanted a travel column in a national newspaper, I doubt I'd have turned down the opportunity.

  7. Paul.Ferrari says

    An Update from the Editor (via b3ta)

  8. Jherad says

    I kinda felt sorry for him – whilst I was spraying cake and coffee.This seriously wasn't a windup?

  9. Katherine says

    Sad thing is, there probably is an interesting article, blog, book or two in gap year experiences. It is, after all, something that a lot of people do, and not just the rich ones. It can be an very formative experience – it was for me – and for a large number of a whole generation it is a very important part of their young adult life. That's gotta be worth a few words – just not by a poor 19 year old sap without an editor on board.

  10. Sim-O says

    You never know, it might all turn to s***. Then it might really be worth reading.

  11. septicisle says

    Katherine: I think Simon Hoggart, of the Grauniad natch, put together a book of letters home from gap yearers.Yeah, this is it:

  12. Katherine says

    Oh ta! That's a start.

  13. tyger says

    I liked the commenter that hoped the kid would get dysentery and shit himself to death. Nasty, but funny nonetheless.

  14. mikkimoose says

    It looks like he has indeed shat himself to death.Assuming this post isn't a wind-up, given the lack of any identity verifiability:maxdadComment No. 943306February 15 12:07As Andy Pietrasik's blog hasn't mentioned the fact Max won't be writing any more blogs, I thought I'd bring all those heroic internet warriors the good news. Max's trip (which he paid for himself I'm afraid – sorry) has got off to the worst possible start and he's feeling pretty grim so that's double good news for the brave warriors. You may like or dislike the blog but the cruelty is shocking if quintessentially British. Obviously everyone in his family is very hurt for Max so that's a bonus. I won't be reading any more smug clever dick comments but feel free to kick me around the field a bit now – just please leave Max alone. He hasn't actually done anything wrong and you have your wish – he won't be writing any further blogs.

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