Someone doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘respect’…

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WJZ Baltimore – Officer Suspended After Appearing In YouTube Video: A 17-year veteran of the Baltimore police force has been suspended with pay pending an internal investigation of his actions involving a 14-year-old skateboarder at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Baltimore Sun – Inner Harbor incident hits Internet: A Baltimore police officer was suspended yesterday after a YouTube video surfaced on the Internet showing him berating and manhandling a teenage skateboarder at the Inner Harbor. On the video, the officer, Salvatore Rivieri, puts the boy in a headlock, pushes him to the ground, questions his upbringing, threatens to “smack” him and repeatedly accuses the youngster of showing disrespect because the youth refers to the officer as “man” and “dude.”

And you can watch the relevant video right here. Dudes.

UPDATE – Hahahahahaha! Check out the last words spoken by the police officer just before the video stops.

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