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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 26, 2008

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Joseph Chikelue Obi (aka The Obi One) continues to delight us with fantastic testimonials (via) and even more fantastic stat-porn, but this morning I’d like to focus on another main player in this battle for justice; Tanja Suessenbach.

Tanja Suessenbach is named by The Register as the legal representative of Grand Master Joseph Chikelue Obi.

She is billed as a former student of King’s College London here and here and you can see a photo of this feisty fighter for freedom in action here. As you can see, she is a very presentable young lady (and no doubt a very charismatic one also).

So you may be interested to know that this ‘want’ ad and this ‘want’ ad and this ‘want’ ad were all posted by Tanja Suessenbach, who appears to be starting a fashion school in London.

This might be why she took on the case of this most controversial of doctors; they have similar edu-entrepreneurial instincts (The Obi One used to run a language school).

Tanja Suessenbach makes it clear on her website that she is NOT a solicitor, but rather a legal consultant (who can “provide cost-effective legal assistance to all those who cannot afford the often very high legal costs”).

(And you can clearly see via comparing to how very serious Tanja Suessenbach is about cutting costs.)

Primary URL:

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Andre Alexander Gottshalk, Flat 9, Beaumont Court, 5 Streatham Place, SW2 4PY

Company details: According to main website; Ltd, registered in England and Wales, No. 6064790 – registered address: 147 B Knights Hill, London, SE27 0SP

Business listings: Here and here, business address listed as; 44 Oakdale Road, London, SW16 2HL

[Psst! I want to make it clear that – since the authorities moved in on a dodgy builder at the Beaumont Court address – the property appears to have changed hands (it was sold on 26/09/2005 for 150k).]

I wanted to find out more about this Andre chap, so by using his telephone number (also provided by the WHOIS) I quickly managed to find out that he was also the man behind ‘Accent Softening’. Remember what I was saying about language schools?

Primary URLs:,,

WHOIS: is registered in the name of Andre Alexander Gottshalk, Flat 3, 44 Oakdale Road, Streatham, SW16 2HL

Business listings: According to this local business listing, the company is/was based at Knights Hill, London, SE27 0SP

As you can see, Tanja Suessenbach and Andre Alexander Gottshalk appear to intersect at two common addresses (just over a mile apart).

They also intersect at this Blogger-hosted weblog, which carries promotional links to and

Both that blog and offer useful descriptions of the services provided by Tanja Suessenbach (yes, ‘civil litigation’ is listed), but with all of this confusion over past/present addresses and what not, I thought I’d try to find the very latest details, just in case any of these sites were outdated in any way… and I found them in this recent submission to CraigsList:

Affordable Employment Law Advice and Cheap Represenattion

Reply to:
Date: 2008-02-22, 4:36PM GMT

We are legal consultants, who specialise in Employment Law.

We provide advice to employees and companies in claims for race or sex discrimination, unfair dismissal, disability, redundancy, unpaid wages and equal pay and provide cheap representation at Employment Tribunals.

We also advise companies on a wide range of employment issues.

Our rates are extremely competitive.

[snip numbers]

Or visit our webpage at

So, what have we learned from all this?

Well, we’ve learned that if you’re poor and vulnerable – and even if you struggle with English – then Tanja Suessenbach stands ready to offer you legal consultation and even some forms of representation at bargain-basement prices (when she’s not busy working on her new fashion school).

Warms the heart, doesn’t it?

What an angel of mercy she is.

And I’m especially impressed that Netcetera caved so readily to her. This, surely, is a testament to her great skill as a solicitor provider of limited forms of legal consultation and fashion tuition.


  1. Sim-O says

    My god, i didn't realise there were so many *nice* people out there.Suddenly the world doesn't seem so cold and unfriendly.

  2. Manic says

    Sim-O: Now seems as good a time as any to introduce my new Virtual Therapeutic Hugs service:[hugs]That will be ten pounds, please.

  3. Wolf Solent says

    I note, with no particular reference to anyone or anything discussed above, that 'language colleges' and 'fashion schools' have historically been particular favourite front organisations for crooks involved in large-scale visa and immigration fraud.

  4. Manic says

    Wolf Solent: No! I'll need to look that up, I will.

  5. Unity says

    One thing that might be worth checking out here, Tim.There is an Andre Gottshalk (no middle name mentioned) who turns up in a few places as a sometime model and actor (had a part in Casualty at one point, not sure whether it was as a stiff or not) and who appears to have studied for a degree in Bristol.Can't verify whether its the same guy, although an acting background would fit the accent softening thing and the modelling would go with the fashion school so there's at least circumstantial grounds for a bit of further digging.

  6. D-Notice says

    I find it odd that someone who specialises in employment law is taking on an alleged defamation case…

  7. Unity says

    >>> I find it odd that someone who specialises in employment law is taking on an alleged defamation case…There's a lot of it about, apparently…

  8. mjrobbins says

    HiI've been looking deeper into his business affairs, and there's some seriously dodgy-looking stuff in there. I've posted a new blog entry about it – if you're interested.Incidentally, your trackback URL didn't seem to work, not sure why.Martin

  9. Jherad says

    It might have already been mentioned, but I notice Obi was running a petition here: a few names from the top of the list (adding GMC to narrow things down a bit in some cases) gets some interesting results.

  10. Jherad says

    Probably nothing, but it appears Mr Obi also has his details here, for some reason: '61 AYCLIFFE CRESCENT' – an address which was apparently used by some company called 'REFERENDUM TV LTD'. Now dissolved.

  11. mjrobbins says

    61 Aycliffe Crescent is his residential address ( see ). It's also listed in Yellow Pages as the address of "Wellness Clinics". I'm sorely tempted to visit.One thing I've noticed while researching him for my blog is that his details seem to crop up in some bizarre places… this oil drilling website, a list of language schools, and so on. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with that….

  12. mjrobbins says

    I've just put another entry up about his AIDS advice (cost me £5.50, worth a lot less…)

  13. mjrobbins says

    OMFG he's announced a movie!!

  14. Manic says

    "OMFG he's announced a movie!!"… *and* deleted all past entries from that same weblog.Will catch up on this soon. Loved your AIDS/HIV manual piece, BTW.

  15. mjrobbins says

    Thanks to Obi's latest blogging, we now know Tanja's biological make-up…

  16. Manic says

    (rolls eyes)Loving those awesome search-padding skillz of his.

  17. The Lay Scientist says

    Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi Part II – His Business: Vanishing people, vanishing money…

    Following the positive response to my earlier post on Joseph Obi, I've decided to continue with some sequels, my aim being to write a series of posts this week culminating in the "ultimate", definitive guide to the man who claims to be the "internet's mos

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