Brown government still dragging its heels on Iraqi employees issue

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 26, 2008

Category: Gordon Brown, It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!

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As you’re probably aware from watching the latest WMD and torture developments, the Brown government is becoming increasingly convinced of its ability to sweep some outstanding matters under the rug after a perfunctory dusting.

In fact, they appear to think that they can also let the small matter of Iraqi employees slip by without anyone at home making too much fuss…

Dan Hardie – Iraqi Employees: Fine words, shabby deeds: A small number of Iraqis – fewer than a dozen, according to people close to the operation who are in contact with me- were removed from Iraq in the early autumn of 2007. Since the Prime Minister’s admirable declaration of October, how many Iraqi ex-employees have been evacuated from Iraq? According to all the Iraqis that I am in contact with: none.

I’ve tried to get something more than words out of my MP, with little luck.

You may do better:
Please try. Then please share.

Cheers all.


  1. Sim-O says

    My MP has got rather quiet too.

  2. Paul.Ferrari says

    I did contact my MP, and I have got letters back from him and various Government Offices, but every one just gives the same standard answer – the Government obviously thinks that they are doing enough – I certainly don't agree and have told my MP so.

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