So has Steve Grover been sacked yet or not?

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Amy Williams – Burger King fires two for filings about farmworkers: Burger King has fired two employees who made online postings that “did not reflect the company’s views and which were in violation of company policy,” the fast-food restaurant chain announced Tuesday. In an e-mailed statement, the Miami-based corporation also said it has stopped using Diplomatic Tactical Services, a Hollywood, Fla.-based investigative firm, because it violated Burger King’s code of conduct. The company would not say which employees were fired.

So, Burger King, what you’re telling me is that action was taken over Steve Grover’s sock-puppeting, but you’re not going to tell me exactly what action (if any) was taken against Steve Grover. Meanwhile, numerous sock-puppets remain and continue to fight your corner over the CIW matter throwing punches you’re forced to pull (e.g. claims that this is a vendetta, that CIW are corrupt, that the pickers are illegal immigrants, etc.) under this very article.

You’ll have to do better, I’m afraid.

UPDATE – Tch. Too late for Burger King to grasp the nettle now:

Amy Williams – Two identified as no longer working at Burger King: Although Burger King won’t say which two employees it fired for vilifying the Coalition of Immokalee Workers online, the company’s main phone system contains no extensions for vice president Steven Grover or spokesman Keva Silversmith. Both numbers worked Tuesday, the day Burger King announced the firings without naming which employees were let go, but this morning they didn’t. An operator at the company’s Miami headquarters who declined to give her name said neither Grover nor Silversmith work for Burger King any longer.

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