Nadine Dorries finally plays the victim

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 14, 2008

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Bolder than expected, but sadly inevitable…

Nadine Dorries’ most recent ‘blog’ entry, reproduced here in all its textual glory for two reasons:

a) Her permalinks don’t work

b) I suspect she may one day delete this (as she has other entries on her site that she has later regretted)

Nadine Dorries: Hounds of Hell
Posted Wednesday, 14 May 2008 at 11:07

The Hounds of Hell are chasing me.

We received another unpleasant parcel in the post today. Nasty web sites set up, email account and post bag bombarded, people crawling all over my expenses, which they are entitled and I am very very happy for them to do…

Scary, threatening angry and downright nasty phone calls. A message smeared on my window.

This is all meant to destabilise or distract me.

I have a very clear message to those who are attempting to do this – back off. You will not stop me, you will not undermine me, you do not scare me. In fact, you make me much more determined than I ever was before. You give me strength.

I received a lovely email today from the photographer who took the picture of Samuels’s hand reaching through his mother’s womb during the operation when he was 21 weeks gestation.

The picture below is of Samuel giving evidence to the US congress five years later.

The email reads:

“Dear Ms Dorries,

I can’t tell you how honoured I was to hear that you had posted the picture of Samuel reaching from his mother’s womb on your blog in an attempt to lower the age abortions can be performed……

I have been on pins and needles trying to keep up with the vote there in the UK….I would love to know if the attempt is successful…”

Michael Clancy

I will Michael if I survive long enough!!!

Beginners to Nadine’s particular style of blogging will want to study the subtle techniques that Ms Dorries uses here to tie her critics to alleged threats of violence or harm and thereby undermine their credibility.

Also note the cool efficiency of the entry; she is cleverly playing the victim while smearing others (genius multi-tasking there), and she manages this without linking to a single item or producing one shred of relevant evidence as she (again) recycles the Hand of Hope myth.

No wonder Iain Dale rates her so highly.

UPDATE – Loving this reponse from Unity…

Ministry of Truth – A Hell-Hound responds…: Take a look around and ask yourself just where your ‘friends’ are? Where are the massed ranks of the supposedly ‘dominant’ Tory blogosphere and why aren’t they leaping to your defence?


  1. Justin says

    God, the predictability of it is so *tiring*. No wit, no imagination, just the wearysome churning out of the same old tricks like a dog taught to beg.How does British politics attract and then admit such second-rate minds? The next person to try and appeal to my patriotism is going to get a boot in the nadgers.

  2. Manic says

    I'm so exhausted I can barely resent it.

  3. Unity says

    That's not a very British attitude, Justin… :P

  4. Paul.Ferrari says

    "How does British politics attract and then admit such second-rate minds?"I have to admit to think the same when I read Mad Nad's latest entry – she seems to be playing the Victim card very early.

  5. Manic says

    Paul: Until you get a doctor to sign it off, no 'mad' in nad, please. And I must admit to thinking she'd try something (not quite as strong as this) much, much earlier.

  6. Wolf Solent says

    Someone sent my dogshit an envelope with some Nadine Dorries in it recently.

  7. scotch says

    I emailed her. No response. 5 days later, I emailed her again. Guess what.Am I part of the people that's "bombard[ing]" her?Perhaps she wouldn't feel so bombarded if she replied to her fecking emails once in a while.

  8. Manic says

    Wolf Solent: Ewww. I'm not touching your dogshit any more. (No, I don't *care* if you've washed it…)scotch: We've seen this before. Unseen emails and packages can be anything Nadine wants them to be.

  9. Justin says

    'Unseen emails and packages can be anything Nadine wants them to be.'Heh. Schrodinger's Email.

  10. Manic says

    (finally looks it up)Tch. Not a word you hear much on the housing estates across Britain, Justin.;oP

  11. Letters From A Tory says

    My recent post on the subject made it perfectly clear that I'm willing to listen to both sides of the abortion debate, but I can't find any impartial source of purely scientific evidence on the subject. Everyone seems to be contradicting everyone else.

  12. Justin says

    Now you're just being a nihilist.

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