Some free advice for Jonathan King

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Via the latest B3ta newsletter I learn of Jonathan King’s promotional video and ‘single’ Wilde About Boys from his free-to-view-online musical Vile Pervert (NSFW*):

Excuse me while I fire off a quick open letter:

Dear Jonathon,

1. If a major point you wish to get across is that you haven’t been buggering boys, then don’t make the catchiest part of your song a statement saying that there’s nothing wrong with buggering boys… or people are most probably going to take it the wrong way.

2. There’s no use you claiming a victory on the basis of being more enlightened than those who miss the point, because you are not in a position to be offering people the wrong end of any stick. No-one will really notice or give a damn that the opening lyrics of your song insist on the need for consent (presumably from those capable of granting it) or that you’re stepping into the shoes of Oscar Wilde or whatever…

3. You may not like it, but Oscar Wilde’s shoes are seen to be far, far bigger than yours. You look silly stepping into them, or making any statement that compares you in any way to Elvis or the Beatles.

4. You’ve been signed up to B3ta for nearly two years now, and in that time you’ve only ever turned up to plug your stuff or berate others for not being as appreciative as they could be of your outright spam. You may not want to be liked, but you need at least to be trusted… and nobody trusts a spammer.

5. You’ll need to do far better than this if you’re going to convince me that it’s worth sitting through your grand opus.


Tim Ireland

[*NSFW – I am reliably informed that Jonathan King flashes the camera in the opening minute. There are genitals. You have been warned.]

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