Murdoch backs off on Davis fight

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Guardian – Kelvin MacKenzie unlikely to stand in byelection : The Sun has not referred to the mooted campaign by its columnist once in print since MacKenzie and Murdoch, the paper’s proprietor, discussed it at a party on Thursday evening for the paper’s editor, Rebekah Wade… Murdoch was thought not to have been consulted before MacKenzie floated the idea of standing with the Sun’s backing. “Kelvin winds Murdoch up and Murdoch winds Kelvin up,” said the former Sunday Times editor Andrew Neil.

Hahahaha! “Murdoch not giant octopus,” says withered tentacle.

A bit late to start backing off now, lads… we all saw you goosestepping over the line like it wasn’t even there.

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Septicisle – Cowardy custard: Secondly, how MacKenzie was going to be funded was always going to be difficult: Murdoch himself can’t because he’s a foreigner, the Sun can’t be seen to be funding any candidate, and it was always going to be something questioned as to where his money was coming from.

UPDATE (19 Jun) – Guardian – MacKenzie explains decision not to stand in David Davis byelection: MacKenzie had said he was “90% certain” to challenge the former shadow home secretary – who stepped down to draw attention to the government’s plans to increase the detention limit to 42 days – but in his column in the Sun today he explains why he will not be taking part in the contest. “The clincher for me was the money. Clearly the Sun couldn’t put up the cash….”

Well, clearly. But you and Team Murdoch didn’t seem quite so clear about it a week ago. It looks to me like someone had to tell you:

“Rupert suggested to me that if Labour didn’t put anyone up, that I would run against David Davis, if that’s the case – and Rupert says he’s good for the money… I might well do it.” – Kelvin Mackenzie

I repeat; we all saw you goosestepping over the line like it wasn’t even there.

(Psst! There’s a lovely poster by Beau Bo D’Or here (and a Blunkett-writing-nonsense shock report here).

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