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Posted by Tim Ireland at June 25, 2008

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
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A little treat for you, fresh from the potting shed:

QUIZ: which right-wing ‘blogger’ are you?

Good luck.


  1. D-Notice says

    A certain blogger who was recently done for drink-driving… *hic*

  2. balders says

    A blogger who's getting lots of sex with the love of his life, drinking sangria and wondering just which of these phone numbers to publish on my blog.

  3. Professor Paul says

    I actually tried the quiz twice & by a subtle manipulation of the answers I managed to be at once a libertine, sorry, libertarian blogger and a blog expert.Pretty much what they do, really.

  4. Cassilis says

    "A blogger catches you (or an associate) stealing images and complains. What do you do?"Not sure if that's a reference to my mistake or something else. If it was my error on Iain's site the first thing he did was email me and ask me to sort it. How he handled comments on the blog about it I don't know….

  5. Manic says

    Something else. I wasn't thinking of this (at all) when writing the question:

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